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The Club


Its the morning after their night out and the girls are to hung over to even retrieve food from the kitchen of the very small 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit they share. Lucy looks at her phone to check the time and sees a text from a number she doesn't know. Opening the phone up to read the message she's surprised at who sent it. She calls the number back “hey” says the male voice on the other end “Um, how the hell did you get my number?” she asks him, “I have all sorts of resources Lucy” she can hear the cockiness in his voice “yeah well, that doesn't sound stalkerish at all” she reply's, he just laughs, a deep manly laugh. “but really, Alisha Wrote it on a napkin and gave it to me as you pulled her away last night” that traitor, she's going to get what's coming to her. “Well, what makes you think I wanted to talk to you again, Jackass?” she says getting out of bed and walking out to the kitchen to get a glass of water “Lucy, I KNOW you want to talk to me again” he says “Look, ill be at the club again tonight after 10, how about you 2 girls get some of your friends and come down and ill make sure to have your names on the list and a VIP room reserved for you all to party in, how does that sound, babe?” she thinks it over “Let me hit up Alisha and message you back, ok?” that's when he knows he has her “Sure, but make sure to tell her Curtis will be there too” and that's when she knew they were going tonight, Coz Alisha talked for 2 hours straight about how sexy she thinks Curtis is. “ok, well I'm going, coz I'm hungover as shit and I need to talk to my girl, ill text you in a bit, bye Jackson” she says sounding a little more seductive then she intended “See you tonight Lucy” Jackson reply's, she can hear the smirk in his tone.

“ALISHA JANE MATTHEWS, YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!” Lucy says running into Alisha's bedroom and jumping on the bed almost landing on top of the poor girl. “Bitch, what do you think you doing? I'm way to hung over for this, shit, I think I'm going to spew” Alisha says looking extremely green “well, thanks for giving Jackson my number last night, he messaged me this morning, he invited us and the rest of the group to the club tonight after 10, setting up a VIP room for us and all, he said Curtis will be there too, I told him no, we weren't in any state to party after last night” Lucy says grinning watching Alisha's eyes go wide and Angry ” bitch you did WHAT?? You said no? knowing how much I want to try and hook Curtis??” Lucy starts laughing at her before she tells her “nah, told him id ask you first and ill let him know if we are in, so I'm guessing we are going then?” Alisha just glares at her before freaking out about not having anything to wear, running around putting on facemasks and running a Vanilla scented bath so her body can try and recover and go again, Lucy walks away shaking her head giggling grabbing her phone off the kitchen bench and texting Jackson

“We are in, nearly got murdered by Alisha for telling her I said no to you, Curtis better be keen on her or he will be the one getting murdered tonight”

couple of minutes later she heard the ding on her phone and went to check it seeing it was Jacksons reply

“He is keen on her enough to want to get to know her, for him, that is a big step. He said he likes her attitude.”

She laughs and reply's

“Man, she will eat him alive. see you tonight Jackson”

her phone instantly makes the text ding

“See you tonight, Lucy, oh and maybe no tequila tonight, I want you to remember it ;P”

And with those few words she was grinning like the Cheshire cat. Food first though she thought ” ALISHA, GOING TO GET BURGERS, YOU WANT ANYTHING?” She yells out to the bathroom, just receiving a “yeah, just the usual” in return. She didn't want to admit it but she was excited and nervous about going tonight and seeing Jackson, something about him drew her in, she couldn't figure it out, but maybe, just maybe he might be interested in her too, weirder things have happened, right?

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