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Seeing Him


Pulling up at the house which is actually a hospital Jackson had set up, Lucy jumps out of the car as soon as it stops and waddles as fast as she can Matt who is waiting at the front door.

“Lucy, trust me babe, you don't want to see him like this... he doesn't look like your Jackson” she glares at him “I swear to fucking god Matthew, you better move out of my way and let me see Jackson, or I’ll kill you where you stand” He knew she wouldn’t normally, but when it came to Jackson, all bets were off the table with Lucy. She is fiercely protective of him the way he is of her, their love is something he believed only happened in books and movies.

Moving to the side he opens the door and takes her in. “I want you to be prepared, I don't want you going into labour, its too early, but he doesn't look good, Luce. He has been put into a medically induced coma, he was barely conscious when we bought him in, he may have permanent brain damage, or memory damage, he may not know who you are or who I am, there's so many uncertainties at the moment, so, take a deep breath, and go in. Want me to come in with you to start with?” she's nodding at him “yeah, thanks” he walks her to the door. She's nervous to see him, shaking her head she pushes through the door, thankfully Matt is standing against her back, like he knew her legs were going to give out on her, catching her around her waist and holding her up. She gives herself a minute before heading over to Jacksons bedside, slowly reaching out for his hand, she grabs it and instantly starts sobbing, clutching his hand in hers and bringing it to her lips, gently kissing it then placing it on her swollen belly “Jay, baby, I’m here, Our daughter is here, she's kicking, can you feel her?” every time the baby kicks his heart rate goes up, its like he knows what the baby is doing.

She lied there for god knows how long, Curtis had bought her in a bed to push next to Jacksons and she's been there ever since, only getting up for food and the toilet, constantly holding or touching Jackson somehow.

Its been weeks since Jackson got taken into the hospital, the Dr's slowly taking him out of the induced coma, taking out all his tubes and wires. “why isn't he walking up? Its been a week since you removed everything, shouldn't he be awake already?” Lucy asks one of the Dr's “His body has been through hell, Lucy, It’s still healing, sometimes once taken out of the coma they still take weeks to wake up” He grabs Lucy’s hand “he will wake up Lucy, I know he will, he loves you so much... and your baby? He loves that little girl more then anything in this world.... just trust me” she nods, she knows he’s right, Jackson will fight to come back to her, to their baby.

Its been another week since the she spoke to the Dr about Jackson not waking up, she knows he said it could take weeks, even months for him to wake, she just worries, she's getting to the end of her pregnancy and she had hoped that he would be awake and well enough to be there for the birth, but its looking more and more unlikely. She's lying next to him, his big palm on her belly. When their baby did a huge kick Jacksons hand flinched, Lucy's eyes go wide and she hits the call button, the nurse comes rushing in “HE MOVED!” she's yelling excitedly “I had his hand on my belly like I always do and the baby kicked and he moved his hand, i swear he did.” the Dr looks at her with sympathy “I’m sorry Lucy, that was most probably an involuntary movement, but, its a good sign, his brain is trying to communicate with his muscles, we will run some tests to see where he is up to hey?” she nods at the Dr, a little disappointed but still holding onto hope.

Sitting in Jackson’s hospital room waiting for him to be bought back in she starts getting cramps on her lower back and front of her stomach, she grips the side of the bed and manages to ring the call button. A nurse comes rushing in, takes one look at Lucy “Lucy, I think you are in Labor, can you get up on the bed for me and ill have a look?” helping Lucy up onto the bed the nurse notices the liquid on the floor. “Lucy, your water has broken, we need to get you to a maternity ward” she shakes her head “No! No, I’m not leaving Jackson, Call Curtis or Matty, please” she pleads, but still refusing to leave Jackson.

Mid contraction, the door comes flying open and Matt, Curtis and Alisha come bursting in the room. Alisha speaks first “Babes, you need to go to the maternity ward, they aren't set up here in case something happens, Curtis will stay here with Jackson, if anything happens he will call, and once you have the baby we can come back here” she hold Lucy’s hands “You know Jay wouldn’t want you to put the baby in danger, Please Lucy, Just come with Matty and I, we will be with you the whole time” Lucy looks up at Alisha, then at Matt “You promise you guys will be with me the whole time? I don't want to do this alone" she says, sadly "And Curtis will call if there's any change?” the 3 of them all nod at the same time, Lucy grabs Matt and Alisha's hands to stand up just as a contraction hits and she squeezes their hands to the point of hurting them when the nurse speaks up “ok Lucy, we need to get you to the hospital, contractions are getting closer together and we don't want to have this baby on the side of the road now do we?” shaking her head she gets lead out by Matt, stopping at Curtis, he grabs her face in his palms and kisses her cheek “Go be strong, have my niece. I’ll hang with Jay and let you know if anything changes.” she nods at him “Thank you Curtis, you are an amazing big brother” and with that the 3 of them are off with the nurse, leaving Curtis waiting in an empty room for Jackson, hoping everything will sort itself out.

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