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Meeting At The club


The girls had spent all afternoon getting ready with their girlfriends coming round mid afternoon to finish getting ready together. As the Uber pulled up to the club Lucy noticed the line up to get in, she texted Jackson telling him they just pulled up, he told her to go straight to the doorman, he has her name on the list to go straight in. Doing as she was told (for the 1st time ever) she spoke to the doorman and watched the faces everyone in the line drop when he told the group to head in.

7Walking through to the bar they all were ordering drinks when she notices Jackson looking at her from his office window, he smiles and motions to the stairs, she text him saying they were getting drinks and they would be there in a sec, she watched him grin as he read the message and look back at her, she couldn't help but smile at him, shaking her head she ordered her Tequila and the group headed to the stairs. Walking into the VIP room Jackson and Curtis were already there, They both had girls trying to sit with them but they kept pushing them away looking disgusted. Jackson jumped up as soon as he saw them enter, rushing up to Lucy and pulling her in by the waist, whispering in her ear “please just play along, these bitches wont leave us alone” She nods and smiles at him, turning around and whispering to Alisha to go sit with Curtis to save him, Of course she obliged the request and stepped it up a notch and sat on his lap, pulling him in for a very passionate kiss. Curtis looked shocked, and he wasn't the only one, as he grabbed Alisha by the back of the neck and pulled her back for more, the bitches jaws dropped. As Jackson put his hand on the small of Lucy's back and lead her to the couch, Lucy walked past the other girls “Hey ladies, if you don't close your mouths someone might put something you don't want in there” winking at them and taking a seat next to Jackson, he stares at her for a minute then throws his head back and starts laughing. If looks could kill then Lucy and her friends would be well and truly dead going by the looks the bitches were giving them as they left.

Lucy turns to Jackson and smiles “Hey” she says “You're full of surprises, you know that?” he says back, she stares at him wondering what he is talking about, he must of caught on and continues “those chicks come in every week and try that same shit every week, no other chick has ever had our backs like you guys just did, and that comment? man that shit was fire! I think I was wrong about you last night. After you left I was thinking you were some innocent angel, now I'm thinking I was dead wrong, you're the devil wrapped up in a sexy mini package” Lucy looked up at him and blushed, she actually blushed, she's never blushed, she's the one who makes other people blush, she decides to hide her face in Jackson chest, she hears the rumble of his laughter through his chest. He puts his fingers under her chin and pulls her face up “You ar...” his phone rings “This better be fucking important, Michael... SHIT! Ok, be there in 2 seconds” leaning over to Curtis and Alisha, who was still sitting on his lap and chatting, Jackson whispered something in his ear and all the colour drained from his face. Jackson gets up and leans down to Lucy “baby, duty calls, I shouldn't be long, please wait for me? i want to continue our conversation, go get more drinks from the bar, I'll tell Zach no charge again tonight, My date doesn't pay for drinks” Lucy just nods looking up at his handsome face "sounds like you want to get me drunk, are you planning on taking advantage of me Jackson" she says seductively, he grins at her and shakes his head as he leans down and kisses her cheek and leaves with Curtis. She's left stunned and confused, what the hell just happened. She's pulled out of her thoughts by Alisha who is pulling her arm to get her to come get drinks with her. “Alisha, I cant believe you just walked right on up to Curtis and Kissed him!” Lucy says ”Frankly, neither can I, but it was a good ice breaker” she says laughing all the way to the bar.

After the call from Michael, Jackson and Curtis left the girls to head to Jacksons office. Standing at the door he stopped and blew out a big breath of nerves and looked at Curtis “get ready C” Curtis nods knowing what he means. Jackson opens the door and in full business mode greets the bosses like he wasn't just about to piss himself on the other side of the door. “gentlemen, what do we owe the pleasure?” he asks throwing his hand out for a handshake “we heard you have some troubles” Boss man Antony replied taking the hand being offered “nothing we cant handle, just some low levels trying to flex” he says shrugging and adding “It's been handled” Antony nods and watches Jackson take a seat on the other side of the desk. “We also have a shipment of new product coming in, in the net few months, since you are our number 1 supplier you have first dibs” Antony asks, but Jackson knew it wasn't a request but an order and politely nods. “Other then the issue on the street, how has business been?” Antony asks “we are packed most nights, turning people away at the door” knowing he wasn't asking about the Nightclub. Antony raises and eyebrow and nods “That's good news, ill take my leave and let you run your business” he stands and starts to walk away before turning and adding “Call me if you have anymore issues, I'll send some guys” and with that he is out of the office. Jackson slumps back in his chair and lets out the breath he didn't realise he was holding. Curtis slumped down into one on the other side of the desk and rubbed his face in his hands “I thought he was going to murder us” Curtis says chuckling “I feel like I just escaped death” shaking his head and smiling before adding “I need a drink” Jackson couldn't agree more “what are we waiting for then?” Jackson says.

They head back to the VIP room and see that Lucy, Alisha and their friends aren't there, looking over the dancefloor they spot them on on the floor dancing together but getting harassed by some men, Curtis looks like he is about to explode when he sees a guy trying to feel up Alisha before she pushes him away but he comes back, trying to rub his hands all over her, before Jackson knew it Curtis was storming out of the room and down the stairs to the dancefloor. Curtis knew Jackson was right behind him and just as pissed, by the time they got to where Lucy and Alisha were, they noticed the guys who had been harassing them were on the ground holding the family jewels, Lucy looks up, hand on the hip and says while rolling her eyes ” Jeez, you took long enough, we had to deal with them ourselves” and points her thumb to the guys on the floor. Curtis gets on the phone ordering for the 2 jerkoffs to be taken away and putting a permanent ban on them. Alisha looked at Curtis, biting her bottom lip and looking down, he stalked up to her, wrapped one arm around her waist, the other at the back of her neck, and crashed his lips to hers. “Lets get out of here” he says to her when they finally came up for air, she nodded as he started to lead her away, he pulled off to the side when he saw Jackson and whispered something in his ear, Jackson nods and claps him on the shoulder, Alisha just waves at her friends as she walks away smiling. Lucy turns to Jackson to see him smiling “Have I ever told you that you are full of surprises?” he asks her as they leave the dancefloor, laughing at him she reply's “You may have mentioned it in passing once” “you wanna get out of here” he asks her “we can head back to my house if you want, i don't think you want to hear Alisha and Curtis going at it all night long” he says laughing at the face she's pulling.

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