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Jacksons House

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As they pulled into Jacksons driveway all Lucy could do is stare with her mouth hanging open, hearing Jackson talking but not actually hearing what he is saying she opened the door and got out, mouth still gaping, this isn't a house, its a fucking mansion!! She turns to Jackson, he is laughing at her as he walks around the front of the car standing in front of her holding his hand out for her to take, she stands there looking at him “You own this?” she says point to the mansion in front of her “yeah, bought it about 2 years ago” he says looking at his house, its not a home, not yet anyway. She takes his hand and starts to walk to the front door with him when she stops and turns to him “the club makes enough to buy something like this? man, i'm in the wrong business!” he shrugs and opens the front door and leads them inside. Man, she was impressed by the outside, but damn, the inside just raised the bar “this place is incredible” she says to him looking at every possible spot of the entrance where they stood. He pulls her along to the kitchen, its the biggest kitchen she has ever seen, state of the art everything, she finally gets a hold of herself, she looks at Jackson, who is grinning at her “so, you like the house?” “its amazing, i feel underdressed just to stand inside it” she looks over at him, “if anything you have to much on” he says wearing that smirk that has been on her mind for the past 24 hours. Man, he keeps looking at her like that and she's going to do something she will NEVER regret. Before she even knows what she's doing she goes over to him and crashed her lips into his, he is shocked to start with but gathers himself quickly, kissing her back with such lust she feels like she might just drown in it. She matches his feelings, they stand there making out for what feels like forever and not long enough at the same time before he pulls away, she groans, obviously not happy with his movements, he chuckles at her before leading her to the couch and sitting next to her “we don't have to do anything more then this if you don't want to, all you have to do is say the word and i will stop” “what if i don't want you to stop?” she asks him “then we wont, but only if you're sure, i don't want you to feel like i'm pressuring you, i'm happy just doing this all night long” he says winking at her. She grabs his shirt around the front of his neck and pulls him back down to her lips, he groans into her mouth and she starts to unbutton his shirt, slowly, so very slowly, way to slow for Jacksons liking. Finally ripping it off Lucy pulls away and looks him up and down, obviously satisfied with what's sitting in front of her. “see something you like?” he grins at her. He decides she wearing way to many clothes and starts to undressing her sliding her dress over her head, he lets his eyes roam her body, licking his lips, he lies her down, placing himself between her legs, kissing her lips before making his way down her jaw and onto her neck, unclipping her bra and letting it fall to the side freeing her breasts, he moans at the beautiful sight in front of him “fuck you are beautiful Lucy” trailing his kisses down her right side to her already hard nipples, he flicks the bud with his tongue, while massaging the other in this hand circling her nipple with his fingers, earning a moan from her, she arches up, pushing her breast further into his mouth, he decides he better switch his mouth action to the other side, kissing his way over to the left breast and circling her nipple with his tongue while slowly sliding his hand across the top of her panties before reaching under them and coming in contact with her clit. She moans loudly and arches up, rubbing her mound he can feel how wet she already is, “oh baby, you are so wet for me” he says groaning, parting her folds before putting a finger in “shit Jackson” she says, barely above a whisper, encouraged by her moans he slips another 2 fingers in and starts pumping her, slowly at first, then starts curling his fingers, hitting her G-Spot. He kisses his way down her stomach, stopping when he gets to her folds where he gives her one good lick while he still finger fucks her. He looks up at her, pulls his fingers out and puts them in his mouth, “fuck Lucy, you taste so sweet” he says moaning and with that He gets up and pulls a condom from his wallet and rolls it down his hard member, slowly pumping his hand up and down his hard cock as he walks back over to Lucy, he gets between her legs “Are you ready?” he whispers in her ear before nipping it, all he got was a nod “i need to hear you say it, Lucy” he says growling at her, the head of his cock sitting at her entrance making her squirm trying to get it inside her “say it Lucy” his voice raspy “YES!! god yes, Jackson, i'm ready” she replies, and with that he slams into her, both moaning with pleasure. Lucy pulls him down kissing him with such passion, egging him on with the pleasure he is giving her. Slowly pulling himself out of her, Lucy groans not happy with his choice, as he pulls her up and bends her over the couch. Slapping her ass and leaving a clear handprint he pushes back into her “fuck Jackson, that's amazing, keep doing that” she says hitting her G-spot over and over again, he can feel her pulsing around his cock, grabbing her by the throat and pulling her up, still sliding in and out of her he grunts in her ear “that's it baby, come on my cock” and with those few words, she came undone all over him. “Fuck Lucy, i'm gunna come” 2 more strokes inside her and he pushed in hard and arched, she could feel him pulsing inside her, knowing he was done. They both collapsed on the couch panting, he pulls Lucy towards him and kisses her forehead “that was...” he starts “incredible” she finishes. Looking at his girl “c'mon, lets go get you cleaned up” and he leads her to the bathroom.

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