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The next morning Lucy came into consiousness wondering when her bed got so comfy, it was honestly like she was floating on a cloud and when did her pillow get so hard?. Her eyes flutter open to see the god like man she is snuggled up to. Ho-ly SHIT! she thinks, it wasnt a dream, it was real, she had mind blowing sex with this amazing creature last night “morning beautiful” Jackson smiles at her and leans down to kiss her lips. “i have to head to the office soon” he says getting out of bed and walking to the side Lucy is lying down, scoops her up over his shoulder and starts heading to the bathroom “where are you taking me Jackson” she screams while laughing harder then she ever has “i need to shower before work and your sexy ass is joining me” he smacks her ass, laughs and runs toward the bathroom. He slides her down the front of his body, over his chest and onto the floor, leans towards her face and turns the shower on. “Oh my god Jackson, you are a god damn tease” she slaps his arm. He chuckles at her while adjusting the water temp so its just right and slides in, pulling Lucy along with him. “let me clean you” his voice huskier then it has been. He starts lathering up the soap and spreads it over her breasts, pulling at her nipples, making them harden. Slowly he makes his way down her stomach, making sure every inch of her mid section gets attention from his soapy hands. Lucy moans in preperation for hands to be touching her sacred area only to be disappointed when Jackson kneels down to her feet and starts moving up, making her beg for his attention “ Jackson, Babe, please, touch me... touch my pussy” “patience Lucy, i want to take my time with you this morning” he says looking up at her through his lashes, fuck, if that wasnt the sexiest damn thing shes ever seen. Jackson slowly made his way up her legs, making sure her legs are completely soaped up, he turns her around to put her under the shower spray to rinse her off. He comes right up against her, so her back was touching his chest and leans around making like he was helping the water wash off the soap when he gently grazes over her clit, she lets out a moan and arches into his hard cock “oh fuck Lucy” he groans into her ear, nibbling on the crook of her neck from behind her. “I need to be inside you, right now” he bends her over so shes holding onto the wall for as much support as she can get, and enters her, fast and hard. “holy fuck Jackson, ill never get used to how big you are” she says while he slams into her “Jesus Lucy, you are so tight, you feel amazing, i dont know how long im going to last” he says while reaching around and rubbing her clit, “Oh Jackson, im going to cum, im cumming” she screams at him, he can feel her pulsing around his cock and it makes him have his own release. He slumps down on her back but not enough to to make her fall down “Lucy, that was amazing!” he says standing up straight and turning her around to look at him. Bending down and kissing her gently he pulls back and says “i actually do need to go to work today, so we better get out and dressed before you get me started again” “excuse me?” she said gasping “i dont remeber walking in this bathroom of my own free will, i rememeber being thrown over a certain mans shoulder, slapped on the ass and brought in here” he is laughing hard when he turns around and turns the water off, “good times” he says smiling while Lucy passes him a towel.
An hour later and they were both dressed and Lucy was sitting on the couch wating for Jackson to grabs some files he needed today from his office when her phone went off, looking at it to see it was Alisha
“Morning, guessing you had a fun night since you didnt come home”
“haha it was eventful thats for sure, you home?”
“yeah, going to go have some brunch soon, wanna meet me at our fave and we can debrief? I have ALOT to tell you about”
“Absolutely, seems we both have alot to talk about, see you soon babe”
“Roger that, see you soon”
Lucy looks up when she hears Jackson heading down the stairs and coming to her, wrapping her around her waist and pulling her into his chest “want me to drop you home while im at work?” she shakes her head and looks up “no thanks, Alisha and i have organised brunch at our favorite cafe, so if you could drop me there that would be great” she says, nodding he unwraps her and takes her hand leading her to his car and opening the door for her, shutting it after shes in and walking around he jumps in the drivers seat and they take off. The ride is quiet but not uncomfortble, he looks at her grabbing her hand and pulling it to his lap, she looks over at him and smiles “i had an amazing time last night” he grins back at her and pulls her hand up to his lips, kissing her knuckles he says ‘me too, baby.” They spent the rest of the 15 minute drive just like that. When he pulls in front of the cafe, he jumps out of the car, running to the passanger door and opening it for her and walking her onto the sidewalk. She looks up at him, he steps into her pulling her to his chest. Using his fingers under her chin he pulls her face up and gently kisses her lips, it isnt long before it turns passionate and she can feel his erection against her stomach. He growls at her “see what you do to me baby?” shes giggling at him and offered to hold onto him while walking to his car so he can adjust himself once he gets in. “i think thats a good plan” he says walking forwards holding onto lucy until they get to the door. He bends down and kisses her “can i call you later?” he smiles at her “i would love if you did Jackson” she replies and pulls away, walking to the doors of the cafe, she turns and see him sitting in his car watching her, she smiles and waves at him before walking through and seeing him drive off. She spots Alisha at a table, walking over and slumping into the chair Alisha laughs at her “big night babe?” Lucy just looks at her “you have no idea” she starts laughing realising she probably does have some idea. “i need coffe and food, then all the details” she says to Alisha. The girls spend the next 3 hours drinking coffee, eating sweets and laughing. Lucys phone dings and she opens it up to see who it was, only for it to start ringing, answering it “Hello?” “hey baby, hows your morning been?” “whos this?” “What? Jackson!” the girls are giggling at the confusion in his voice “im messing with you Baby, i knew it was you, my morning has been good, we are still at the cafe, a few coffees in and a handful of assorted cakes later” “well i was going to see if you wanted to have lunch ith me, but you must be full” she can hear the disappointment in his voice “i can do food still” she says, she cant really but she is already missing him “ok, awesome. Tell Alisha that Curtis wants to come with us like a double date if shes keen” lucy asked her before telling him thats its a date “ ok baby, we will pick you ladies up in about an hour from your unit if thats ok?” “sounds perfect, i need to change into some clean clothes, i picked up some guy at a club last night and didnt leave his place until this morning” she says giggling “so we will head home now. See you soon Jackson” she says “See you soon Lucy” he replys
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