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The Other Guys

chapter 6

Almost an hour to the second Jackson and Curtis pull up out the front of the girls unit. Alisha runs and jumps on Curtis, him catching her mid jump, Lucy on the other hand likes to play coy, she smiles at Jackson and slowly walk her way towards him, making him meet her halfway. “Hi” Jackson says, pulling her into him before capturing her lips with his for a heated kiss. “Well hello” she says before continuing “I like the way you greet me” that Smile, he thinks, shit, that smile has me hooked... well, and some other things, he chuckles to himself. “Are you ready to go?” he askes her, placing a hand on her lower back and guiding her to the car. The drive to the restaurant was short and fun, lots of talking and laughing. They all head in when they get to their destination and the waitress leads them to the table. They all sit down, Jackson and Lucy sit on one side of the booth and Curtis and Alisha on the other and they all start looking at the menus trying to decide what they are going to order “i'm having the cheeseburger for sure” Lucy says looking at Alisha “i knew you would pick that, so fucking predictable” She laughs at her best friend “fuck it, i'm having that too” Alisha says laughing and slamming the menu on the table. Jackson and Curtis stare at each other then the girls “ you know how big those burgers are, right?” Curtis says looking at his girl “yeah, and i've had bigger things in my mouth” she replies, his mouth hanging open, Alisha and Lucy laughing and Jackson spitting his drink out “man, its like she was made just for you C” Jackson says once he had composed himself. Curtis grabs Alishas chin and made her look at him “fuck babe, that was sexy as hell, i'm going to do so many thinks to you later” kissing her like he was starved. They all ordered and before long the food came out, they sat at that booth for 4 hours, laughing and talking, getting to know one another. Eventually, Jackson and Curtis had to drop the girls home, pulling up at the block of units the boys get out to open the doors for their ladies, Jackson turns to Curtis and says lowly “we should walk them up and clear the unit, they have been seen with us, we cant take any chances” Curtis agrees “well, ladies, its your lucky day! You are going to have 2 very handsome gentleman walk you to your unit” Lucy turns in a circle “oh yeah? Where are they??” with that she sprints off towards the unit blocks main doors laughing like an evil person, being chased by Jackson who is also laughing. Catching her around the waist and pulling her into his chest he whispers into her ear “Baby, i can show you what kind of gentleman i am” she Gasps lowly but it doesn't go unheard “Shit Lucy, what are you doing to me?” he says having to hide from the other 2 that he is having to rearrange himself in his pants while Lucy stands there giggling “the same thing you are doing to me” she whispers back, watching his eyes roll back into his head as she says that his before kissing him, once they come up for air they notice that Curtis and Alisha are standing next to them just waiting for them to finish kissing. “ummm, we better get upstairs” Jackson says not looking away from Lucy “yeah, great idea, neighbours don't need to know how babies are made” Alisha says laughing at herself. Shaking her head and opening the main entrance door, Alisha leads them all down the hall to their unit and opens the door. The unit is nothing fancy, but its nice, bright, clean. Not secure enough though Jackson thinks to himself and looks at Curtis who is obviously thinking the same thing. “I've got a crazy idea” Curtis says “why don't you 2 beautiful ladies come to the club with us tonight? I mean we will have to duck out for a bit during the night but you can dance the night away and have fun, you probably wont even miss us” he says shrugging. The girls look at each other and smile “nah, we cant, we have other plans” Lucy says “Yeah, sorry guys” Alisha says trying to hide her smile “oh yeah, what's the other plans” Jackson Asks “ummmmm well there are these guys....” Alisha starts Curtis and Jackson both start growling, hands balling into fists to the point their knuckles are going white “WHAT OTHER FUCKING GUYS, LUCY” she's standing there stunned, looks at Alisha with wide eyes, same expression between them “SPEAK NOW!!!” he demands “ah, well, um, ahhhhhh, here's the thing, there's no other guys, and this DID NOT go how i thought it would” Jackson looks confused “hang on, what?!? There's no other guys? Why did you say that then? Trying to make us jealous? Why Lucy?” “ahhhh, no, it was meant to be funny. Was definitely funnier in my head” she says, looking at Jackson, but not in the eyes, more like a his chest, 'She's not game to look higher, she doesn't want to see his expression. He reaches out and puts his fingers under her chin and lifts her head, forcing her to look at him, he’s not angry. Upset, definitely, angry, no, but she also see’s love in there and she grabs his chest and hugs him so tight she thinks she may just break some of his ribs “go get changed, you girls aren't staying here” Jackson says sending them off and yelling out “and pack a bag! I'm not letting out of my sight EVER AGAIN LUCY!!” He turns to look at Curtis whos still looking pissed, “what the fuck just happened Jackson?” Curtis asked “i have no fucking idea man, but, even just the idea of Lucy with someone else makes me want to murder someone, what has she done to me?” he says walking over to Curtis and sitting next to him, rubbing his hands down his face “i feel the same way man, we cant let these Ladies go, they are just to perfect” Curtis replies before yelling out “C'mon girls! How long can this take? Throw on some fresh clothes and chuck some extras in a bag and BAM you're done!” Curtis knows that both the girls instantly eye rolled at him “STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES GIRLS” he yells “Jesus, how did he know?” Lucy whispers to herself. Eventually the girls are changed and packed and heading out the door with their men.

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