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The Email

Chapter 7

The next few months were all the same. The girls practically living with their men and going to their day jobs during the week and going to the club on the weekends. Lucy and Alisha walked into their work building on a monday morning before going to their separate offices. They worked in the same building but in different departments. When Lucy got to her desk she sat down and turned her computer on to start sorting through the emails that came in over the weekend, after about 45 minutes she opened the next email, she gasped at what she saw.



Reaching for her phone she calls Alisha telling her to come over while she prints a copy of the email and also sends a copy to her personal email. When Alisha arrives Lucy is visibly trembling. Alisha runs over to her “what happened? Are you ok? What's going on?” Lucy just points to the computer and Alisha reads the email, eyes wide before calling Curtis. Before Lucy knows it Jackson is calling her “H-H-Hello?” she answers, not looking at the caller ID “Lucy, Baby, are you ok? Curtis called me and said something about a threatening email. I'm downstairs at your work, get someone to let me up.” she looks at Alisha and askes her to call reception to let Jackson up “Alisha is calling them now, you should be ok in a sec” “ok babe, they are letting me through, ill be with you in a minute.” a minute later she hears Jackson running and calling out to her, she forgot he had never actually been to her building before. Lucy jumps up and flings herself around him and thankfully he catches her. Walking them both towards Alisha and another man he didn't recognise who were sitting at what he assumes is Lucy's desk. He goes to let go of Lucy but she refuses to let him go, so he sits on her chair and turns her around. He holds his hand out to the man introducing himself “hey, i'm Jackson, Lucy's boyfriend” his hand hangs out there for a minute before the other man takes it shaking it “hi, i'm Alex, Lucy's boss, what kind of mess have you got her involved in Jackson?” he asks. Alex would be in his early 30s, and is built like Jackson, not quite as big, but still big, power radiating off him. He watches the way Alex looks at his girl. He wonders if Lucy knows how her boss feels about her? Knowing Lucy probably not. He looks to Lucy “babe, can you show me the email?” she nods and brings it up, he reads once, twice, 3 times before continuing on “ can you print me a copy please?” he looks at Alex “i'm taking her home now” not leaving any room for rejection he got up, putting Lucy on her feet, collecting her things, grabbing her hand and starts walking out, Lucy never saying a word.

The car ride back to Jacksons was quiet, once at his house and inside, Jackson made her a cup of tea, taking into the loungeroom and says “so you probably have some questions” she stares at him “Are you fucking serious Jackson? That's all you have to say? Someone just threatened my life and that's what you have to say? Is it true? Are you in the mafia?” he didn't need to say a word to answer her, the look on his face gave her her answers. “oh my god” she says, hand covering her mouth “you are. You are in the mafia... what... how... oh my god” she says, putting her elbows on her knees and head in her hands shaking her head. “Lucy, baby, i wanted to tell you, but i thought it would be safer for you if you didn't know that part of my life. And its not the kind of thing that just comes up in conversation, “oh, by the way babe, i'm high up in the mafia” i promise you, i wanted to tell you, i don't want to hide anything from you” she looks at him, anger coming off her in waves “i need to go, i'm so fucking angry at you right now, i'm afraid ill say something i regret” “don't leave Lucy” he pleads grabbing her by the wrist as she walks past him “its not safe” she turns to him and looks right in his eyes “and whos fault is that huh?” she goes to turn but he still has her wrist “at least let me drive you home, or Curtis, i want one of us to do it so we can make sure your unit is safe before you go in... please Lucy” she looks down and nods, knowing that after that email that would be the safest option “ok, Curtis can do it, i don't want to be near you at the moment” he nods and pulls out his phone calling Curtis. 10 minutes later, she's in the car, Curtis driving, he looks over at her with a sad smile “are you ok Luce?” she shakes her head, her and Curtis have become quite close “not really, some one wants to kill me and my boyfriend forgot to mention he is a mafia boss... its a lot to wrap your head around, you know?” she says looking at him, he takes her hand in his “He loves you Lucy. He loves you with all that he is. He might not say it but he wouldn't be able to function without you, believe me, that man feels like he is nothing without you. That doesn't excuse his actions, or lack there of, but he really was trying to protect you.” he says glancing at her then looking back at the road “I haven't told Alisha about my ‘job’ either, i'm going to do it tonight.” “no offence Curtis, but she's probably figured it out from the email i got, you know, since you and Jackson are inseperatable” “FUCK! I never thought of that” His phone starts ringing, answering it without looking “WHAT?!” he yells out “Excuse me asshole, did you forget to tell me something???” he looks at Lucy, pleading with her to say something “Hey Lee, Curtis is bringing me home, he can chat to you then, we are about 5 minutes out, this is a conversation that's best done face to face... trust me” she hears Alisha agree and curse at Curtis before hanging up without giving him a chance to say anything. The rest of the ride was quite, Curtis thinking about what he was going to say to Alisha, Lucy thinking about Jackson and what this whole thing means for them, for her. Before long they were pulled up out the front to a fuming Alisha, Lucy watched as Curtis got out and Alisha ran at him crying and hitting his chest, not once did she raise her voice. After a while she stopped and looked at Lucy, who was curled up on the front seat of the car still crying. She lifts her chin and stalks past Curtis telling him the door is unlocked, he can go up and wait for them. She opens the door and pulls Lucy in for a hug, they both cry into each others arms. “what does this mean for him and me Alisha?” “Are you in love with him?” Lucy nods “well then you need to talk to him, but, you need to give yourself time to process everything that's happened today, send him a message saying you want to talk, but to give you the few days, that's what i'm going to say to Curtis. This isn't something you can just forgive, this is a whole different life then we are used to, its hard and violent, you have to decide if he is worth the trouble that may come... we have a lot to think about Lucy” Alisha grabs Lucy's hand and pulls her out of the car and drags her inside to their unit where they find Curtis, Lucy looks at him, gives him a forced smile and goes to her room to leave them alone and message Jackson.

Jay, I'm sorry for the way i acted, but, please understand how betrayed i feel, let alone there's now people threatening me”

She put her phone down and headed into the bathroom for a shower. When she came back into her room she saw she had a heap of messages from Jackson.

you have nothing to apologise for Lucy, this is all on me”

i cant even tell you how sorry i am for all this, i just want you to know i really do love you with everything i am”

I don't want to let you go, but understand if you cant be with me anymore, just please message me back so i know you are ok”

Lucy, its been an hour since my 1st message, i'm so fucking worried, just please, let me know you are ok”

Lucy.... that's it i'm on my way, kick me out as soon as i see you are ok, i don't care, i just have to see that you are safe”

just as she's finished reading the last message she hears a pounding on the front door. “LUCY? Are you in there?? Please answer me!”

She goes and opens the door “i'm fine Jackson, i was in the bathtub trying to relax” Jacksons expression softens and tears spring to his eyes “just tell me Lucy, is there anyway i can fix this? Fix us?” she stares at his beautiful, sad face “I need some time Jackson, I need to process everything I found out today. You hid a whole part of your life from me, I understand why you did it, but you still hid it. Please give me a little while to think everything through? I just… I just need some time, Jackson” He nods “at least let me give you a bodyguard while you think. He will be with you 24/7 so I know you will be safe, please accept it, its my fault you are in this situation, please let me do this for you while you take your time.” she looks at him, really looks at him and notices how he is standing, shoulders slumped and looking down, he looks defeated and broken. She just nods at him, tears in her eyes “ok Jackson, that would make me feel safer. He can sleep on the couch. Just let me know when he is on his way around, I have to go, I need to sleep, Bye Jackson” she leans up, kisses him on the cheek and closes the door.

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