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It Takes time

The next week has gone by so fast, she has her bodyguard with her 24/7. His name is Matthew, or Matt for short, he is as large as Jackson and Curtis. Having him with her and Alisha has made them both feel so safe, especially once he broke out of the mold and actually started talking to them. He filled them in about his life growing up and how he came to know and work for Jackson, he also offered insight and advice to the girls about what’s been happening and how his girlfriend found out a similar way and how she dealt with it, they had even spoken to her a couple of times and got advice from her. Jackson had only messaged a few times just to check in with her, but she’s sure that matt would have been keeping him updated on what’s been happening and letting him know that she’s safe.

“hey Matt?” she asks while the 3 of them sit on the couch eating Chinese takeout for dinner, he looks up at Lucy, then Alisha “yeah?” “have you spoken to Jackson today?” he nods with his mouth full of food, looking at her facial expression “yeah, would you like to talk to him? I can call him now if you like?” she stares at him, biting the inside of her cheek, obviously deciding if she’s ready to talk to him, she nods “yeah, i think i’m ready, what about you Lee?” she turns and askes Alisha “um, yeah. Matt, can you just ask them if we can come to them when they are free? I need to say this to his face” Matt just stares at Alisha, nodding “ahhh yeah, sure. Ill see where they are at” He pulls out his phone and walks off. Lucy turns to Alisha “so you still going to try and work it out? Coz it seems like you might be breaking up with him” Alisha giggles “girl, you know where my head is at, i just want Matt to tell him that it may not be a good chat, you know, make him stew on it a bit longer, i want him to remember what this felt like so he doesn’t fuck up again” “oh girl, you are mean!!” they stop giggling when matt walks back in. “Jackson and Curtis are at the club, they’ve told me to bring you both over there.” they finish up their food and the girls go get ready and head to the car with Matt driving. Walking through the doors to the club Lucy realised how nervous she was, looking up from the bar to Jacksons office, she saw him watching her, she took a deep breathe and headed up. She went to knock on the door but before she could it flew open and standing in the doorway was Jackson. He was wearing a black suit jacket with black slacks and white button down shirt and looked sexy as hell, then she really looked at him and saw the bags under his eyes, he hadn’t shaved in god knows how long and he looked just so tired, he was just as broken about this as she was. “Ah um, hi, come in” he says, moving to the side to let her through. “thanks” she says, walking towards the couch that’s in the room. “come and sit please, i want to get this chat out of the way” patting the seat next to her, he sits and looks at her, trying to gauge her face for any clue of what she’s about to say, he wants to tell her how much he has missed her, how much his life is empty without her, how much she owns his heart, but he knows better, he waits for her to speak. “Jackson” she starts. Fuck, this isn’t good he thinks. She continues “I love you, but, you hurt me... bad, and i need to know that if i forgive you if you will lie to me again? I don’t want secrets, i want to know everything and i mean everything! I don’t want you to tell me half truths, i need full ones, no matter how much you think it may hurt me i need to be able to trust you, coz what’s a relationship without trust?” she looks him in the eyes, unsure if he still even wants her, she adds barely above a whisper “if you still want me to be your girlfriend, that is” he looks shocked at her. Oh great, he doesn’t want me she thinks, tears threatening to fall from her eyes as she puts her hands in her lap and looks to the floor. Jackson sits closer to her and uses 2 fingers to lift her chin up so she is facing him, he palms her face with his free and and wipes the stray tear away with his thumb, looking her in the eyes he says “you have no idea how happy what you just said makes me Lucy, you are my world, and without you in it, it just seemed empty, i’ve barely slept since you left, i cant eat, i haven’t even worked. All i’ve done is get drunk and wait for Matt to call me every damn day. I promise to tell you anything you want to know, i wont lie, there’s some stuff of my ‘other’ job that i dont want you to know, but if you want to know i will tell you, i want to fix this Lucy, i want you to be able to trust me.” and with that he slowly moves his face closer to hers until his lips are only millimeters away from hers, he can feel her breaths on his face, he can see her chest rising and falling quickly, he holds back, their lips still millimeters apart, wanting this last step to be her decision, she pauses, looking between his eyes and his lips, after what seems like an eternity, she slowly brings her lips to his and sensually starts kissing him. After what seems like forever and not long enough at the same time, they part, breathing heavy, his forehead on hers “god, i’ve missed that... i’ve missed you” he says to her. “its not over Jay, You are going to have to work hard to fix this, I love you, but its not going to be easy” he is nodding at her, looking straight in her eyes “I know, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it up to you” he pauses, suddenly looking serious “What is it?” Lucy quizzes him “the threat you got, that’s still out there, i don’t want you to be scared, and as much as i want you to come move in with me until its over i know we have to take this slow while i earn back your trust, so, i want you to still have a bodyguard, i don’t want you by yourself, its still not safe” Jacksons phone rings, looking at it he sees its Michael, “faaarrrrrk, i have to take this, as much as i don’t want to” she’s looks at him and nods, he however doesn’t move from his spot when he answers “yeah Michael, what’s going on? Ah ok. Yep. Nah, tell them ill be with them in a minute. Tell them i’m talking to my girl and ill be with them when i’m with them” he says, clearly getting aggrivated by the conversation. Jackson looks back to Lucy after hanging up. “so my bosses are here, i know you want to know my whole life, but i’m not comfortable with you being there until we have talked about all that side. I don’t want you meeting them unprepared” he is holding her face in both his hands looking her square in the eyes “i also don’t want you to think i’m hiding something from you, so i want you to make the choice, ill be 100% behind whichever choice you make, if you want to wait, ill support that, if you want to come, ill support that too, but if you choose to come with me now i need you to know you may not like the Jackson you will see, he is a whole different person to who i am with you.” still holding her face in his hands, he searches her eyes and notices she’s tearing up “baby don’t cry” she shakes her head “you’re right, i want to be prepared when i meet them, can you have someone take me home?” he lets out the breath he hadn’t even known he was holding and nods “ill get matt to take you home” they stand up and walk to the door when she turns to face him ” can you come over when you are done here? I want to talk more” that always sexy smirk pulling on his lips “if you want me there, i will be. I’m not sure what time though” “i don’t care Jay, i just want you to come over” “then ill be there” with that she hands him a spare key so he can let himself in if she’s asleep. They walk out and down to the bar, he grabs her by the waist and spins her around, crashing her into his huge chest, lifting her head so she’s looking at him and bending down to meet her lips, kissing her with all the emotions he is feeling, the love, the regret the hope for the future, pulling apart, he says in a raspy voice “Matts here to take you home, ill let you know when i’m on my way, if your asleep, can i lie next to you and hold you?” she nods at him with a giant smile on her face “id love that” and with that she walks out the door with Matt.

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