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The Accident

Watching his woman leave with another man hurts, even if its his friend and he is her bodyguard. Jackson wished he could be the one to take her home and watch over her 24/7. Instead of dwelling on it he turns and walks to his back office where the bosses were waiting for him. Barging in the room he goes behind the desk and slumps in his chair “what do i owe the pleasure?” he says to the men, looking his boss Antony in the eyes “we have some new stuff coming in, different kind of shipment, something we think the Russians will like” Antony says, trying to read Jacksons face “what kind of different?” he says “women” Jackson shakes his head “no, we don’t do women, i have never dealt that, no Antony, i wont” Antony grins at him “you don’t have a choice my friend, this is an order, you are to pickup the shipment and deliver to the Russians, that’s all. Think of it more like a delivery boy service then your usual job” Jackson runs his hands down his face a few times, he really doesn’t have a choice, Antony will start killing his men if he doesn’t agree to this, and he would more then likely start with Curtis, and that shit wont be happening. He needs his best friend and right hand more then he needs his next breath. If anything happened to him he knows Curtis would look after his girl and vice versa. “ok yeah, but Anto”... his sentence was cut short by his phone ringing. Its Matt “Hey Matt everything ok on your end?” all he hears is muffled tones and gurgling “Matt... MATT!! ANSWER ME FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!” still random sounds but eventually he hears the words he doesn’t want to hear “There’s been an accident, they took her, i’m stuck in the car” there’s sobbing down the line “i’m so sorry Jay, they took her, i tried to get to her but my belt is stuck, i fired some shots out the window but missed... i’m so sorry.... i tried.... i tried” now there’s uncontrollable crying coming down the line, Matt just repeating he was sorry. Jackson jumps out of the seat and runs out, followed by Antony “where are you going Jackson, we aren’t finished here” Jackson stops and turns to him “someone has kidnapped my girlfriend, i have to go” with that he runs off calling Curtis as he goes “C, someone’s taken Lucy, her and Matt were in an accident, we have to go now and find her” he hears Curtis swear on the other end of the phone and tell him to meet him at the car.

Finding the accident wasn’t hard, all you had to do was follow the people. Pulling up Jackson jumps out before the car has even come to a complete stop and runs over to his friend who is now out of the wreck, and boy is the car a wreck, how anyone has survived this accident is a miracle. He instantly starts panicking, is Lucy ok? Has she been hurt? Is she alive? Looking at matt “who took her Matt?” matts sobbing on the sidewalk, “i don’t know man, i didn’t get a look at them, i passed out after i hit my head on the steering wheel, came too a while later, she was already gone... i’m so sorry Jay” he sits next to Matt, by this stage Curtis has joined them “Curtis, check for any evidence of who might have taken her, Matt, its not your fault, but we have to get you to the dr, you have a bad gash to your head, its probably going to need stitches.” Nodding Matt goes to get up just to fall backwards. “c’mon mate, let me help you to the car, i need you taken care of, my girl needs the best on the job, and you, are one of the best” Jackson says taking Matts hand and pulling him up, slinging his own arm around Matt to support him and walking him to the car. As Jackson gets into the car he looks at Matt in the backseat. He watches Matts leg bounce and tears try to escape, he is visibly devastated by Lucy’s kidnapping “she’s my best friend Jay, i let my best friend get kidnapped” Matt says tears finally escaping. Jackson doesn’t know who the fuck took her, but they just fucked with the wrong group of people.

Pulling up in front of the house they use as a makeshift hospital, Jackson helps get matt out of the car while Curtis runs inside before returning with the woman in the white coat “hey Doc, Matt here was in an accident, banged his head pretty good, been in and out of consciousness, we need him patched up and cleared as soon as he can.” Jackson states handing Matt over to her. Watching the 3 of them head in through the door his phone starts to ring, taking it out and not recognizing the number he answers hoping its who took his Girl “Hello?” “Hello Mr Black, we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, seems it wont take long though, since i have something that belongs to you” the unknown male says, Jackson grips the phone, hard, seeming cool calm and collected on the outside but very much freaking out on the inside asks “where is she? I swear if even a hair on her head is out of place i will fucking kill you!” “now now Mr Black is that any way to talk to someone who has something so precious to you and a hair trigger?” Jackson stays quite “this is how its going to go, you have something i want, i have something you want. I think we could work out a way to get what we both want” Jackson hears whimpering in the background, its Lucy, His Lucy. He can hear how scared she is, is that all though? Have they hurt her? Oh god he cant handle it if they have hurt her, he will murder every single person who helped take her “let me talk to her, put her on video chat!” he demanded “i need to see she isn’t hurt” he can hear commotion and then a request for video chat pops up, accepting it without and hesitation, he sees a masked figure, “hello Mr Black, nice to see you face to face... sort of” the masked man says and sniggers. Sniggers, he fucking sniggered, then the camera is turned and he sees her, she’s tied to a chair she’s crying uncontrollably. The masked man comes into frame with her “sweetheart say hello to lover boy” he states she looks to the camera sobbing “Jackson? I don’t know where i am, what’s happening?” Jacksons heart is breaking “I’m here baby, i’m sorry this has happened to you but i’m going to find a way to get you, you are my world Lucy, i love you and i’m going to find you!” she looks dead into the camera and says ” i trust you, i know you will find me, then maybe you can take me back to our spot, you know the one? The one where you first told me you loved me?” Jackson thinks back all those months ago, he had taken her to a little secluded area in the woods where there’s a tiny cabin in the middle of a clearing, he had set up a picnic to surprise her, they had spent the day there, telling stories of their lives and making love like they didn’t have tomorrow. He had never laughed so hard like he had that day with her. Being pulled from the memory he hears a throat being cleared “enough of that lovey dovey soppy shit, ill be in contact Mr Black, bah bye for now, friend” and with that the call was disconnected. He stands there, staring at the phone. The phone that had the love of his life’s face on it. He hears someone behind him, he whips around gun drawn and points it a the person “wow, calm down boss, its just me, put that away before someone sees it” Curtis says “i heard the whole call, i’m relieved she’s ok for now, but what was with the end? What place is she talking about?” he quizzes him, Jackson explains the spot when something hits him, was she giving him clues? Does she actually know where she is? He looks up at Curtis, eyes wide “she was giving us clues C, she knows where they have her, we have to start looking around there”

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