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I Adopted My Twin Mates 18+

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Coco had sworn off men for a long time. At 30, she’s bored with her repetitive life, and adopts two large dogs from the pound. Except they are wolves, and her twin mates. And they were horny lil buggers but hey, so was she. . . . I heard the sounds coming from her laptop, and my eyes shot open in shock. Our mate is watching porn. Omgomgomg!! Kota gave me a look and I knew he must have been as excited as I was. Coco snuggled into her pillow, propped up, looking intently at the screen. I needed to see what kind of porn she liked. This was the most exciting day of my life! A mate who watches porn and masturbates? Fuck I must be the luckiest wolf ever!

Erotica / Romance
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1- Once upon a time

This is a story about how Coco came to adopt 2 werewolves from the pound.



This story contains a ton of foul language and sex. There is no bestiality. If you aren’t comfortable with all the smut, don’t read further!!

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“Life is so boring,” I sighed to my ceiling. And it was.

I’m no teen dealing with issues about growing up. I’m all grown and will be turning 30 soon. I am not a social butterfly, and spent my days pouring myself into work. I had my own fashion business and worked brutal hours, reaching home close to midnight each day, before I hit the sack and all this would repeat the next morning. My days off were spent mostly in bed sleeping, reading smutty stories online, or watching TV. I was fine with that, I really was. I had suffered after a few heartbreaks when I was younger.

After I left high school, I never really dated anyone. Sure, I did meet some guys I’d been interested in. In fact I lost my virginity to one of those guys. But they never really were interested in me - maybe just my money and how I was always generous with it. I gave all I had and lost myself in them, and to them. But my love was never reciprocated and I felt empty. Then when they finally left, the regret and heartache just built stronger and stronger walls around my heart.

And so now years later, I’m all alone. I’ve lost my youth. And as I lie in bed after another long working day, staring at the ceiling, I sighed. Is this it for me?

I reached for my phone and sent a group message to my family. We don’t meet up that often, but we do text.

“I hate my life. This is not how I imagined life would be when I turn 30.”

My phone rang moments later. It was my sis calling me on FaceTime from the family home. Apparently everyone was sitting around the dining table chatting. “What’s wrong with you! We’ve never known you to sound so depressing! Is everything ok?”

We had a long chat. I told them I don’t have anything to smile or laugh about anymore. Everything is just grey. My dad kept telling me I need to venture out of my house. “You’re not going to meet a man if you coop yourself up at home,” he insists.

My mum suggests that I join some dating site. My sis then said, “Just get a dog.”

“A dog?”

“Yeah. It’s gonna love you unconditionally. Fuck Men. Look what they did to you. Your sadness and angst all come from those losers you loved. Dogs aren’t going to betray you. Even if you shower them with love for just 10 minutes a day, they will love you back a hundred times. Go get a dog! Maybe it will take you out of your home too and you can meet some gorgeous stranger at the dog park.”

“Very funny.”

“Haha ok but you have to admit, that’s a better plan than whatever plan you have now. The only new people you’re meeting are delivery boys.”

I guess she has a point.


The next day, I decided I was going to look into adopting a dog. I didn’t want to support some stupid puppy mill. There were plenty of dogs in shelters all around; surely I could find some cute dog that I could love and who would love me. I spent hours researching and made an appointment with a reputable shelter to go view their dogs.


The next weekend, I arrived at the shelter early. Which was a shocker cos I’m always late. I guess I was pretty excited about this. I love dogs!

Ben was expecting me and sat me down to discuss what I was looking for, if I knew that adopting a dog was a lifetime commitment, if I had experience owning dogs, whether I could afford time, money and energy on the dog, etc. I was pretty honest, in hope they could pair me up with the most suitable doggies. I felt like I was being matchmade - if only meeting a life partner was this easy, right?

Finally, Ben stood up and said, “Ok! I feel pretty good about all this! Shall we go see the dogs?”

“Yes!” I said, shooting out of my seat and making the chair fall backward. Shit I can be such a klutz.

He took me around the shelter. The dogs were kept in individual cages, or in groups if they could get along. The noise was crazy. Most wouldn’t stop barking. They looked at us with sad and tired eyes. Some were dead inside and I felt like crying. Oh my God, this is so horrible. Why do people buy dogs then throw them away? These dogs are in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. It was horrible.

Ben tried introducing me to some dogs he thought was suitable for me, but somehow there was just no connection there. I walked around more, reading their cards and charts that hung outside the enclosures.

Then I saw them. It wasn’t one dog, it was a pair of dogs. They were huge, with thick black, silver and white coats. They say there, quietly, staring at me... smiling?

The barks that had been ringing in my ears slowly faded away. I stared back at them, mesmerized. They were gorgeous. And... huge. They looked like, I don’t even know, like a malamute but even bigger, almost like wolves. Their jet black eyes pierced through my green eyes and I shivered. It was like they were looking into my soul.

“You don’t want them.”

I snapped out of it and turned to face Ben. “I don’t?

“No. They are pretty wild. We have had them for a couple of years now and no one here can control them. We don’t go near them much and we need to take precautions even when we feed them. They’re nuts. We keep them behind special gates and wrapped in shock collars for a reason. They are alive because we are a no-kill shelter.”

I looked at their card on the fence. “Sweetcream Scoops? Lickity Split? What kind of names are these?”

Ben chuckled. “One of us thought it would be funny to name them after My Little Ponies. They look so menacing and are aggressive. We wanted cute names, and not something like Monster.”

“Have you thought that maybe they are aggressive cos they hate their names?”

He shrugged. “It doesn’t matter - they don’t respond to anything anyway. In fact, it’s kind of weird that they are just sitting there looking at you right now instead of baring their teeth and trying to bite your head off. I haven’t seen them this calm and I’ve been volunteering here every weekend for over a year.”

“What are they? Just some cross breed?”

“We don’t know. They look like wolves but we don't test their DNAs. They were brought in badly injured and we never really figured them out. They won’t let us. No one has touched them since their injuries healed.”

I stared at them. And they stared back. It almost felt like they were speaking to me. It was a weird feeling. But I trusted my gut and so before I could think with my head, I said, “I want them.”

Ben was shocked! He insisted they were the wrong choice. I can’t handle them if none of the shelter people could. They would kill me. He kept repeating himself. But I was adamant. They haven’t shown me their so-called aggressive side that Ben kept talking about.

In fact, they were the calmest dogs in this whole arena!

I stood my ground and made him open their enclosure, and when I stepped in, they moved towards me and Ben started screaming and ran away. “Pussy,” I said under my breathe. I knelt down on the ground, and Scoops and Splits leaned over and started licking my face.

“Oh my God you two are sure as hell licky, maybe they named you right!” They licked all over my face, and as I squealed and laughed, one of them started licking my neck and chest. They were all over me. I was laughing and fallen on the ground by then, with these 2 massive beasts towering over me, their faces over mine, licking me.

Ben came back with 3 other men by then, and they stood outside the fence with their jaws dropped to the ground. “What the fuck! Look at them! I’ve never seen them behave like this before. They look... they look... nice?!"

They couldn’t believe it. All of them swore that Scoops and Splits had tried killing them before. In fact, they were so good at escaping and going for people, that they were in a special enclosure with no way out.

Well, I decided there and then, that these two were my chosen ones. I felt the connection with them and if they had decided to show me love - when apparently they hated everyone - maybe they chose me too. Ben and the other guys kept trying to convince me otherwise, but I signed the papers and marched right out of the shelter with the 2 beasts walking next to me, heeling, real docile, like they were trained show dogs.

No one could believe it and the looks on their faces were priceless.

I opened my car door and the two of them hopped in. It seems like they were familiar with cars. They sat in place and turned to stare at the volunteers, who still had their jaws dropped. I shrugged and slammed the doors shut. “Thanks for your help, guys! Bye!” And with that, I headed home.
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