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Erotica / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Our Daily Bred

Learning how to be a nun was nothing like I expected it to be.

Everything had happened in a blur ever since Father Hanson and his small group of nuns had toured several Catholic schools in my area on a recruitment drive earlier in the year.

I'll never forget the day they came to our school and set up a desk in a spare office for girls to sign up to their preparatory course for nuns.

Their visit was announced in the middle of lots of other notices first thing in the morning.

Most of the other girls didn't seem to pay any attention to our teacher at all but I knew I'd be going to that office and signing up at the first opportunity.

I was raised in a strictly religious home and I'd only ever dreamed of doing two things with my life.

My secret ambition, the one my parents wouldn't approve of, was to swim competitively.

I was good at it, some of my friends had even remarked that I seemed to spend as much time in the water as I did on dry land.

My other dream was to become a nun and do anything the Lord wished of me.

Despite my enthusiasm I almost missed them completely, I had a really busy day and it was only during my swim that I realised they would be leaving soon.

I cut my swim short and raced through getting changed.

In my haste I dropped my bra in a big puddle of water in the changing room and was faced with a dilemma.

No bra, or wet bra?

Before panic set in I decided to go with no bra as the material of our shirts was reasonably thick, but would probably be see-through if wet.

The day was almost over anyway so if I was careful after visiting Father Hanson nobody would notice.

I ran through the hallways of our school, praying that they hadn't left yet.

Having no bra on meant my larger than average breasts bounced and swayed with every step.

Looking over my shoulder and from side to side as I ran I saw nobody and so supported my chest with my hands, I remember being surprised at just how difficult it was to run at pace without a bra on.

Coming around a corner at speed I ran directly into Mr. Murdax, my math teacher.

I bounced off him and fell to the ground, sliding across the polished floor.

I noticed his eyes dip down between my legs as my skirt flew up and my legs parted in my vain attempts to regain some semblance of balance.

I thanked God that it had been my bra and not my panties that had fallen in the puddle back in the changing rooms.

I quickly closed my legs and regained my feet.

"Just what do you think you're doing, Miss. Callaghan?" he asked, his voice betraying the fact that he was still getting over the shock of being careered into and the view of my pristine white panties between my toned legs.

"Sorry Mr. Murdax, I just realised I was running out of time to speak with Father Hanson before he leaves."

Mr. Murdax gave a mysteriously knowing smile and let me go without any further delay or punishment.

It was quite confusing, both I and several other girls had received detentions from him for much less than that but I wasn't about to question his uncharacteristic leniency.

I thanked him and continued as fast as I could without having to resort to giving myself a hand-bra again.

At last I was outside the office, which had a piece of paper stuck to it confirming I had the right room.

I took a moment to catch my breath and smooth down my skirt, I wanted to make sure I gave the right impression when they met me.

I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting from Father Hanson but I had certainly been anticipating an old priest.

Don't get me wrong, he was old like about thirty, but I'd definitely thought he would be really old like Mr. Murdax, in his fifties or something.

I answered all their questions to the best of my ability, though I must admit I was somewhat distracted by Father Hanson's warm smile, which made him look even younger than he was.

He was one of the most handsome men I'd ever seen, I wasn't sure whether I was seeing him through rose coloured glasses because of him being a man of God, that's just how I felt.

It was only when I left the room and looked down at myself that I noticed not one but two buttons of my shirt were undone.

I flushed a deep red, wondering if they'd come undone during my collision with Mr. Murdax, or if I hadn't done them up properly when I was rushing to get dressed in the first place.

Either way I was absolutely devastated, no doubt they were going to report me to the principal and then it was only a matter of time until they contacted my parents.

I was almost ready to die of shame as I hurriedly fastened the buttons and walked to my last class of the day.

I had been planning on telling my parents about Father Hanson and the preparatory course that very night but as I was convinced I'd accidentally flashed him and the two nuns present I didn't say anything for several weeks.

I was expecting the sword of Damocles to drop at any moment, even though I prayed for forgiveness, so it was a nice surprise to receive a letter of acceptance and some forms to fill out in the mail near the end of the school year.

I guessed that my shirt must not ducted on, as far as I could tell, every single girl in the course.

Each morning, as soon as we were showered, dressed and had eaten, we were to line up in our huge dorm rooms at the foot of our beds and stand up straight as he walked through and looked at each of us carefully.

Every time he walked past and looked into my eyes I felt like he was staring straight into my soul but he never said anything to me.

Every inspection he would choose somewhere between two and five girls for some kind of private meeting.

They would never speak about those meetings afterwards but they always looked kind of preoccupied and after a few weeks almost all of them would drop out of the course, even girls I knew were doing really well and had wanted to be nuns with all their hearts.

Our numbers never dwindled though as almost every girl that dropped out seemed to be replaced, some by girls that were apparently returning to the course after some kind of leave of absence, some by girls that were coming to the course for the first time.

Because of the dropouts that occurred after the meetings I guessed that he only chose those girls who he thought were not cut out to be nuns and had a serious talk with them.

He was such a perceptive man of God that I convinced myself he was even able to see the doubt in those girls I thought wanted to be nuns so bad, which is why they ended up leaving.

I was so sure of my path in life that I didn't think he would ever choose me during one of his inspections, so it came as a huge shock when he did.

I stared straight ahead as usual while I stood at the foot of my bed listening to his heavy footsteps echoing in the dorm room, pausing by each girl before moving on.

Once again, as he had been countless times before, he halted in front of me and stared into my soul but this time he said my name.

"Tania Callaghan."

I had no choice but to join the two girls and the two nuns already following him on this particular inspection, pausing by each of the other girls until at last he was finished, without selecting anybody else.

Wordlessly we all followed Father Hanson to the small waiting room outside his office.

We three girls were told to wait there until we were called in, the nuns followed Father Hanson.

I sat there panicking as I waited, wondering what could be said in these meetings that caused every single girl to drop out of the course.

I was crestfallen, I wanted to be a nun so much and also there was the shame of telling my parents how I couldn't make it.

I was almost in tears and so lost in my own thoughts that the nun had to call my name several times before I realised I was being spoken to.

With a last glance at the other two girls, who looked as anxious as I felt, I stood and walked through the door to Father Hanson's office.

Father Hanson was sitting behind his desk and when he saw me he favoured me with one of his warm smiles, immediately helping to put my nerves at ease.

"Ah, Tania, I've been looking forward to meeting with you." he said.

"Er... you have?" I replied, somewhat confused.

"Yes, of course. You sound surprised by that."

"Well... it's just that I thought you only met with girls who weren't cut out to be nuns, they always seem to drop out after you meet with them."

"I see, and you think you've got what it takes to follow the path of God no matter where it may lead?"

"Yes, Father, I love God!" I blurted out, then blushed, realising how corny I sounded.

Father Hanson leaned back in his chair, tented his fingers together and studied me quietly.

I felt even more blood rush to my face as my blush deepened. Finally he spoke again.

"You know, Tania, I'm not so sure your heart is really in it. I'm told you spend several hours every day in the swimming pool, training hard as if you wanted your life to go somewhere else, as if you were, quite literally, swimming away from life as a nun."

"No! That's not it at all! I... I'll quit swimming and concentrate more on my studies, I promise!"

I felt my panic returning in full force, I was sure he was going to ask me to leave and I felt the tears welling up in my eyes already.

Father Hanson stood and slowly walked around the room, his hands clasped behind his back as he made a bit of a show out of inspecting the books on his bookshelf and the pictures on his wall.

I was staring down at my lap, only seeing him out of the corner of my eyes until he was behind me.

"Did you ever consider that there were other ways for you to show your love for God?" I heard his voice question as he walked closer behind me. "What if God wanted you to swim? You're obviously passionate about it and very talented. What if God made you this way for a reason?"

I thought carefully about his words until I felt each of his hands come to rest on my shoulders and give them a squeeze.

He repeated the squeezing motion over and over again, and the muscles I hadn't even realised were knotted up until that point began relaxing one by one under his unusually warm grip.

The sensation was amazing, I swore I could feel a hot humming energy just under the surface of his skin that spread from his hands into my body, just like in the stories of how Jesus could lay his hands on people and heal them.

As if from a great distance I heard myself asking how I could know what God wanted me to do.

"That's what I'm here for, Tania, to help you realise your true calling."

Father Hanson's words filled my whole world, his deep voice resonated and echoed within my head as his wonderful hands massaged all my worries away and that strange warm energy of his poured into me.

"What should I do, Father?"

My voice sounded strange to me, I could barely get my words out as I revelled in the sensation of his hands squeezing my breasts.

My breasts? When had he moved his hands? I hadn't noticed at all.

I feebly raised one of my own hands to try and push his away but it dropped back into my lap, what he was doing felt so good, I couldn't bring myself to stop him.


A wordless noise of pleasure emitted from my mouth and my nipples hardened against my bra as he continued to knead my soft fleshy mounds.

"I talk with God constantly, Tania, and you have been chosen."

His words seemed to exist entirely in my head now, as if he didn't even have to speak for me to hear him.

"Chosen for what?" I breathed.

"To build God's army."

"I will... fight for God." I said and this seemed to amuse him, the words that came back to me seemed tinged with merriment at my response, as if a kitten had done something cute.

"No, Tania, you will help me BUILD God's army. I think we both know you were born to do this. I've known ever since that first day we met and you showed me your tits that you would bear many sons and daughters for God. Don't you agree?"

The day we met... it was all so foggy in my memory. Hadn't that been an accident? A wardrobe malfunction of sorts?

Thinking back to the day I could almost remember undoing those buttons on my shirt before I knocked on the door to that office.

Is that how it happened? Had I always wanted this?

The vibrating energy emanating from his hands directly on to my breasts and erect nipples was making it even harder to think, but I couldn't remember ever feeling so good as when he touched me.

My body finally convinced me that Father Hanson was right.

"Yes, Father." I agreed.

"Good girl, you are going to be God's little slut, aren't you?"

"Yes, Father." I repeated.

"Amen." the voice in my head boomed.

Suddenly Father Hanson was carrying me and I hadn't even noticed him pick me up.
One of the nuns held open a door I hadn't seen when first entering the office and closed it behind us.

Looking around dazedly I saw we were in a long hallway and we passed many closed doors before we finally stopped outside an open door, which I saw had my name written on a card, slotted into some kind of card holder on the door itself.

Inside the room was nearly bare except for what looked like some kind of medical examination bed used by gynaecologists, the beds with the stirrups to keep women's legs spread, and a small table with a few strange instruments on it.

Father Hanson set me down on the bed and strapped my legs into the stirrups so I couldn't move my legs from the splayed position they were in.

Looking downwards, I could only see the top of Father Hanson's head as he peered under my skirt while sitting on a stool of some kind.

I began to squirm with anticipation as he sat there drinking in the view of my panty-clad sex, only the thin white material separated his eyes from my most private of places.

I never told anybody, as I hadn't wanted to appear vain, but I knew that all my swimming had a positive effect on my body.

My legs were toned and athletic and I kept myself pretty much clean shaven from the waist down.

Part of it was to reduce drag in the water, part of it was because I loved the feeling of my smooth pussy and never having to worry about pubic hair peeking out the side of my swimsuit.

Standing up he moved forward, pressing a huge bulge in his pants against the crotch of my panties.

I whimpered, even through all those layers of material I could feel that strange heat and energy.

I could already feel the throbbing of his cock against my clit as he leaned forward, pushing my shirt up over my breasts and exposing my lacy black bra.

"You're not a virgin." He said it not as a question, but as a statement of fact.

"No, Father." I said, there was no point in lying.

"Those social events they organise with the local boys' school can get a little... out of hand sometimes can't they?"

He asked, grinding against me almost imperceptibly. I felt my pussy moisten in response.

"Yes, Father... is it... OK?" I asked, suddenly worried that he wouldn't want me anymore.

"Yes, child, not every woman whom the holy spirit comes upon need be a virgin. A harlot may beget as readily as a saint."

I realised that this was the second time in only a few minutes I'd been called a slut.

Part of me wanted to deny the title, I'd only had sex with that one boy, but then I realised that to be a slut for God was an honour, not a shame.

Father Hanson stepped back and grabbed a huge pair of scissors from the small table and my pussy felt cold without the heat of his cock pressing against it.

I was momentarily worried as he slid the scissors up my taught navel, the cold metal making me flinch.

Slipping the scissors over the material of my bra between my breasts he closed the blades with a powerful clench of his hand.

My ample teen tits had been straining against the supportive garment, when the bra was cut open the material sprang away from me to each side and my breasts spilled out, my hard nipples pointing straight up.

Father Hanson paused only briefly to admire them before retracting the scissors and slipping them under the hem of my skirt.

I felt a tugging at my panties and then a repeat of that snipping sound before the cool air hit my wet and clean-shaven snatch.

Once again Father Hanson's head disappeared out of view as he sat on the stool between my legs.

Suddenly I felt his hot breath on my pussy and gasped.

I struggled against the restraints, trying to inch myself lower and feel his mouth on me, but I was unable to move far enough.

It was sensual agony in that immeasurable time with just that hot air hitting my most sensitive spot.

Finally Father Hanson ended my torment and I felt his lips softly gripping at my pussy lips, gently tugging again and again on each side and conducting that same thrumming heat into my body with every touch, driving me wild.

My juices began leaking out from between my folds, smearing his lips, and subsequently getting spread all over as he kissed and caressed my sex.

Suddenly I felt his hot wet tongue snake out of his mouth and slip into my tight teen tunnel.

It was unbelievably long and plunged into my depths over and over again.

My hips began to buck as it impaled me, like it was stoking a fire of pleasure that grew in my belly.

Without warning he extracted his tongue and replaced it with two fingers, plunging them inside of me with a corkscrewing action as he began to flick his tongue against my clit.

It was all too much, his heat was spreading and increasing in its intensity and I was beginning to sweat as I writhed against his face.

The speed of his flickering tongue was incredible, it was almost super-human and I felt my orgasm quickly building as it assaulted my clit with warm, wet vibrations.

Father Hanson's tongue was relentless and my orgasm blasted through the point of no return, exploding pleasure from my clit into my body as I bucked and writhed against the restraints, screaming affirmatives, curse words and gibberish all mixed together like some primal language of pure lust.

Still his tongue pleasured me, prolonging my orgasm and keeping me at the hot and lofty heights of bliss for an eternity.

I'd never felt closer to God before that point in time.

When at last my orgasm began to fade I was a breathless wreck soaked in my own sweat everywhere except between my legs, which was dripping with my pussy juices.

Father Hanson stood up and looked down upon me with a hunger in his eyes.

"It is time for you to conceive for God, Tania." He said.

"I'm ready, Father." I managed to pant
out between breaths.

Father Hanson stood and took off his shirt, slowly revealing the tanned body of a Greek God.

Part of my mind thought he must spend as much time in the gym as I did in the swimming pool but it was soon drowned out by the rest of my mind and body that just wanted to be fucked and impregnated for God by the vision of masculine perfection that was standing between my legs.

He bent down slightly and I heard the faint rustling of material as his pants slid down and off his legs.

When he was at full height again I could see the head of his cock just peeking over the hem of my skirt, standing proudly erect and blocking out view of Father Hanson's belly button.

It seemed impossibly thick and hard, I'd never imagined I would see anything like it in my life but there it was about to be thrust into me.

Father Hanson reached down with one hand and his cock head disappeared from my view as he pointed it at my slit.

If his hands and tongue were unusually warm, his cock was positively boiling.

When it came into contact with my pussy lips I was almost sure there would be a hissing sound as my juices were turned to steam under its incredible heat but that didn't happen.

Instead it seemed to reignite the fire of pleasure everywhere it touched as it relentlessly pushed forward into me.

My pussy was wet and willing but I wasn't sure if it was able.

Wider and wider my lips were stretched as my pussy struggled to accept even the head of his cock into me.

I'd never felt anything remotely like it, the size alone would have been worthy of campfire stories for generations, but the humming heat that flowed from him added an otherworldly quality to the sensation as if I was getting fucked by the God of volcanoes or something.

After what seemed like forever, trapped somewhere between fear of the size and desperation to get more of his cock into me I finally felt my pussy lips slide over the ridge of the head, giving me some slight reprieve from the fear.

Without any pause or acknowledgment of this milestone, Father Hanson continued pushing forward and his giant member invaded my fertile depths.

At last I felt the head of his cock brush up against my cervix at the same time as his heavy balls came to rest gently on the cushion of my ass, I swore I could almost sense the billions of sperm contained within, eager to find one or more of my eggs.

They yearned for me, and I for them.

Father Hanson placed a hand on each of my hips and pulled backwards, his thick erection tantalising every side of my vagina.

Once more my lips were stretched over the ridge of his cock head and I suddenly felt cold and empty again.

I felt a momentary surge of panic at the fleeting thought he would stop but this was instantly driven from my mind as his hands suddenly gripped harder and he thrust back into me in one hard motion, his balls making a slapping sound on my ass before briefly coming to rest again.

As he built up pace and the wet sounds of his cock pounding into my pussy filled the small room I felt my breasts begin to bounce in time with each of his thrusts.

I briefly remembered the day I'd signed up for this course and how my tits had made it so hard to run without a bra.

I grasped at my chest with my hands, steadying my breasts and I pinched my nipples, adding to the sensations rushing into my overstimulated body from his hot and throbbing cock.

I looked down at him and could have sworn he was almost glowing with a bright white light just under his skin.

It was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. With each thrust I pinched at myself until I felt another orgasm just out of reach.

There was no denying that Father Hanson was shining with a strange and bright white light now, I had to close my eyes against it, beautiful or not.

The light shone through my eyelids, filtering through the thin barrier and ending up a reddish brown to my closed eyes and still his majestic cock sawed in and out of me at a feverish pace.

My body strained for the promised pleasure, so close now, and I ceased being a passive partner in the sex.

My pussy gripped at him, eager to extract the ecstasy I knew could be mine despite the enormous girth.

I heard him grunt in response and felt a moment of elation as a modicum of power became mine before my orgasm hit me, washing away all thoughts and all but the most basic emotion of lust.

I opened my eyes and immediately shut them again.

All that could be seen was the white light of Father Hanson like I was floating in a lightning bolt and the slap of his balls on my ass was like a clap of thunder, shaking me with pleasure.

In the midst of my orgasm I felt Father Hanson thrust deeper inside me than any thrust before it and sigh.

The head of his cock pushed at my cervix again and I felt his hot seed spurt directly into my fertile womb, time and again until I could feel it pooling inside me.

As my orgasm faded and I floated back down to earth Father Hanson pulled out of me and I opened my eyes.

The light was gone but I didn't feel cold or empty anymore, some of that warm thrumming energy remained inside me, I could feel it there.

Father Hanson was reaching for something else on the little table.

He held it up and showed it to me, it looked like a strangely shaped dildo of some kind with a wide base.

Before I could think to ask what it was for, he was inserting it into my quivering slit and I realised it was there to make sure no seed escaped or was wasted.

He pulled up his pants and did up his shirt, his eyes never leaving mine, which were partially closed with exhaustion.

Moving from between my legs and to the side of the bed I was on, he bent down and I heard a lever being pulled.

Suddenly the bed was on a slight incline with my ass and legs raised to be higher than my head.

Father Hanson wiped the sweat from my brow with a cloth he had picked up from somewhere and then kissed me on the forehead.

"Sleep and conceive in peace, my child, the Lord is pleased with you this day."

I felt so proud of myself, I didn't think my own Dad had ever thought I would be good enough in the eyes of the Lord but I now knew I was more than good enough, I was part of his grand plan.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, feeling that wonderful warmth spreading outwards.

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