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Erotica / Romance
Syste Salim
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Walking into the new popular club nightmare, opened some days ago I felt confident with each stride I took, I just can't shake off the feeling that id get laid tonight, nobody by Keith Sweat was blasting my eardrum, I walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of martini and crosed my legs letting the slit of the dress show off my long toned legs. I caught the eyes of many because of my D cup breasts spilling from the top of the red sequin dress looking delectable as usual, my small waist and wide hips with big bottom just did the trick and the V cut at the back off the dress just showed off my smooth beautiful dark chocolate complexion and the dimly lit flashing lights just enhanced my luscious body more. I can see the look of eny from the girls and the look of lust from the boys, hell I even saw some look of lust from other girls, this night was gonna be remarkable I finished my 2nd glass of martini when I started to feel it hit the right spot by then nobody ended and birthday sex started, I got up and strut to the middle of the dance floor and started swaying my hips to the beat, touching my body all over, I rubbed my hands over my breasts down my belly around my hips and towards my sex the heat there was so intense, I haven't been touched for months since my last relationship crashed and burn, I closed my eyes and let the music lead my body that's when I felt a sturdy hold on my elbow and a rough barbaric voice said, "miss the boss wants to see you, come with us please", I opened my eyes and looked there was three tall and bulky men dressed in full black with their guns strapped to there sides, I'm guessing they are bodyguards, the one holding my arm didn't let me respond before he dragged me off the dance floor in the direction of what seems to be a VIP it looks like I have a secret admirer, we reached a Mahajony door and the guy on my left behind the one the has my arm in a tight hold for God knows why stepped forward and knocked, a deep velvet voice with its deep Italian accent seeping through jerked my sex while my entire body ignite with fire,"enter" he said, I felt horny all over let's see the sex god owning the voice, the body guard opened the door and stepped back while the one hand holding my arm and pushed the door with the other, we walked inside, the room was large with black leather sofas and red cushions and a large red furry carpet met my eyes the room was dimly lit just like the bar area but in a sexier manner the walls was painted deep red with black and good curtains and a bottle of champagne on the table beside the sofa on my right," here she is boss" the man that had a sturdy grip on my hand pushed me foward almost making me lose my footing, I glared at him " I almost twisted my freaking ankle you piece of shit" my voice came out in an angry accusing tone, he just rolled his eyes and left with the other bodyguards shutting the door then I heard a click, I spun around facing the sex god and oh Lord was he fine he sat there in the middle sofa with his legs apart and his hands rested on each side of the sofa, his bleached blond hair with black roots was messy and looked so soft I wanted to rake my hands through it as he pounds me, his face was straight with a very sharp jawline, his eyebrows was thick but nicely shaped, his eyes were the most captivating I'd every seen dark amber with a tinge of brown and boy oh boy does it look like he's stripping me with his eyes, his nose was straight but has a button look while his lips don't get me started on his lips it was the deepest pink id ever seen its so plump and kissable I wonder it would feel between my legs sucking on my cli..."Ciao amore mio, finisci di controllarmi" he said in a husky tone, is it even possible for his voice to get even darker and deeper" no hunny I'm not done checking you out give me more time" I realized my voice has gotten thick with need but what can I say nobody can't tell me that this man had women dropping to his feets to suck his dick without even knowing him. Well thats beyond the point, he was dressed in a navy blue silk button up shirt with the first 3 buttons undone showing his big strong chest with the tip of what looks like a dragon head tattoo peaking through giving his coco complexion a boost, damn I wonder if he has any other tattoos, his body just looks so big and sturdy and tasty, his thick legs looked well muscled in his tight black slacks that hugs his impressive bulge I wonder how far I could take him in my mouth before my gag reflex kicks in, I walked towards him damn he just looks like a cookie dough icecream that I'm about to devour. "What's your name",I asked starting to to unzip my dress letting it slide slowly down my my body until it drop to my ankle and pooled around my 6inch red bottoms showing off my black lingerie set that consisted of a corset bra and a thong with metch front and a gater belt, "Luciano Salvatore"he said standing at his full height he was tall probably 6'10 but damn he just look so good, he has the height, the looks and the body what more can a gal ask for he stepped close enough for me to smell his davinci cologne mixed with pine and the smell of weed. His scent engulfed me and overthrowed my entire demeanor I felt weak in my knees I was so distracted I didnt realize he unclasp my bra until I felt it let go my breasts he smiled and it was breathtaking it was like the heavens opened their gates and let me meet this man I felt my wetness soaking my thong and going down my legs, all the confidence I had before flown out the door I felt nervous and thats the first that has ever happened to me, I didn't realize I wasn't looking at him until I felt his fingers tracing my lips and then he had a firm hold on my jaw and turned my face to him when my eyes met his it's like the world faded around us I just couldn't take it anymore the growning need I had for him knocked my senses out the door, I slammed my lips on his pushing my tongue in his mouth our tongues clashed and fought for dominance but he won I undid his belt while he took off his shirt we parted our lips for oxygen. He threw the shirt across the room only God knows where it landed and I was right his upper body had alot of beautiful tattoos that just made him look sooo erotic, I finally loosened the belt and unbuttoned his slacks I couldn't bother to take it off so I just pushed my hand in his boxers and freed his monsterous cock that stood at attention with its veins treathening to burst, it was circumcised and pretty just the way I liked it, I took him into my warm mouth he was so big my jaws began to hurt but I didn't mind, I went down until he hit the back of my throat, earning a soft moan from him if I wasn't paying attention I wouldn't have heard. Feeling satisfied I runed my tongue on the base of his cock, massaging his balls, he grabbed a hold of my hair and pounded my mouth" touch yourself mio amore"he said with a lust filled voice I guided my hands down my my body flicking my nipples and pushed my thong to the side with one hand I ran my finger down my slit feeling the wetness I played with my clit moaning, as I did so his cock jerked in my mouth" what's your name principessa?" He struggled to say I rubbed my clit faster ready to cum when he gave few hard thrusts and shot his load down my throat it tasted so wonderful I licked everything making me cum right after, I let him go with a pop sound. I was still on my knees when he dropped his slacks and boxers his erection still standing proudly I smiled and said" Ericka Montierelle", removing the rest of my clothing I stood up ready to take off my heels when he said to leave them he grabbed me by my waist kissing my neck and squeezing my ass I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around him the tip of his dick poking at my entrance, he slammed me on the wall licking and sucking my neck I knew those were gonna create bruises but I didn't care. I cry out as he slams into me my fingers clawing at his back as he holds my waist and pounds me harder and deeper hitting all the right spots, his head dips and he takes my left nipple into his mouth sucking it and playing with it with his wet warm tongue,"faster..please..i want you to mark me as yours"I cried out, his thrusts deepen...oh god I think I'm seeing stars, "I want to tear that little tight cunt apart" he whispered in my ear giving it a soft kiss. I felt weak to all his filthy words, I through my head back as I reach my 2nd mind blowing orgasm, I shudder around him, he suddenly throws me on my front in one of the sofas entering me from behind as I continue to moan, his hand slaps my ass giving a stinging sensation that has me tightening my cunt around his dick squeezing him he lets out a sexy groan. Finally he is there shooting his load inside me he pulls my hair drawing another orgasm from me his thrusts still slamming me into the sofa, he pulls out spinning me around I was still in a daze when he kissed me hard he pushed me and I feel sprawled out in the sofa, he smiled at me with a dark lusty expression"let me taste you"I nodded for I was shocked whatmore could a woman ask for in a man. His head dipped between my legs with one hand resting on my stomach, he slides his fingers across his tongue while gazing at me, before he slowly pushes two fingers into my wet folds. I cry out as he pumps his fingers in and out of me, I moan softly when I felt his thumb flick my clit"you like that mio amore" he asked in a husky tone, I couldn't even answer him I was in euphoria the feeling of ecstasy couldn't get better, that's when I lost it his warm soft lips engulfed my clit twirling my swollen nub with his tongue I'm grabbed his hair raking my fingers through it"please" I needly whispered I just wanted to ride his face till I climax. He stopped and opened the bottle of champagne but what he did next surprised me, he tilted the bottle letting the liquid trickle down my hips and between my legs I felt him dip his mouth lapping up the champagne on my cunt he sucked and nibbled my clit making my eyes roll back I screamed out his name as I hit my earthshattering orgasm he smiled when I said "Luciano your my perfect distraction"
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