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The best alley visit .... ever!!!

Diana v D.
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Yeah, I know.. being 16 and I have a lover. So meeting Eddy wasn’t the best idea … but while we chatted, we were “connected”.. So, we decided to meet, anyway.

When i got there, I saw him. I was nervous like hell. He looked as described: A tall, slim man. His short dark hair was a bit gray on the temples and he looked like a gray fox (Older man with charisma and looks). I’ve seen him before... somewhere.. probably another concert, I guess. When I walked up to him he called to me with a cautious “Angela? Wow, you look good.” And I got 3 kisses on my cheeks and a hug. Funny to hug a much taller man with my height. We went in and had a nice chat and sometimes a bit uncomfortable because of what we shared in chats, earlier. Every now and then I got lost in his gray / green eyes. We talked about that it was nice to meet in person. To have a better view on who is on the other side of the line.

We entered the concert hall and he immediately looked for a place in the back. He told me that he could enjoy the music and surroundings in such a relaxed way with his back against the wall and the dim light. We chatted a bit and we really connect. He’s funny with a good sense of humor. He has a good vibe. Playfull but trustworthy. And then the music started and the lights went down. Gave an extra “mood” to the date. It was a beginnersband and they were pretty disappointing. While we were talking about that, he often came very close and it felt good, safe. He smells really nice. When the next song calmed down, I stood in front of Eddy with my back aginst him. I took his arms and closed them around me. Together we stood there enjoying the moment. I felt his hands caress my belly and he was sweet and soft.

I started to move with the music and because my back and butt were against him, I felt through my thin stretchpants that he was enjoying this very much. I really enjoyed that too so I took his hands and moved them from my stomach along my sides to my shoulders and neck and then down again ... For a moment, he took control and gently but skillfully his hands caressed my small and sensitive breasts. I looked back at him and saw a grimace on his face. My body reacted immediately and especially when he caressed and squeezed my nipples, my body jerked. That was when I lost myself for a moment and intensely enjoyed to feel his hard excitement that I clearly felt poking against my lower back now. OMG !!!! The whole situation made me wet and I moaned as I clamped my thighs together.

He retracted his arms and told me that he was going out for a smoke, cause the band wasnt that good. So .. I followed him.

We talked about what just happend in there; his hands and his very obvious arrousal. He softly touched my cheek and told me that it was very hard not to. The past weeks we chatted about this. And now it was real. I told him it really felt good and sweet, his clearly experienced hands and fingers. He told me that it is very chill and he really likes it and likes me but we can’t do this. I understand and I kiss him on the cheek. I looked down to wait on his reaction and he asked me if I was disapointed. I was, somehow..but I didnt tell him. He ended his smoke and took my hand. We look in each others eyes ... and he asked: Go inside again or have fun? I hesitated but I saw his smile and said: Fun!!

He took me to the back of the venue, down a dark alley. OMG ... What’s going to happen? As soon as I have my back against the wall and he leans against it with one arm and his other hand on my hip, I ask him what he wants from me. He says: “Nothing. Just a nice end to a nice meeting. But beware”, he says, “We are not going to kiss. That creates a deep bond and that is simply not possible. But I have felt your hot body and saw the excitement in your eyes and so I can’t turn you away like that. But if you wanna leave, just say so. I wont stop you.”

I looked at him a bit confused. Immediately his hand went under my shirt to my breasts and he stroked them gently but effectively. I sighed and when he slipped his hand into my bra and stroked and rolled my hard nipples, my stomach jerked with excitement and I couldn’t help but moan. After a couple of moments his hand stroked down to my stomach and slid into my pants. I looked at him again and he whispered: “Spread them for me. ” OMG Am I gonna do this? Am I gonna let him touch me.. there??? But looking into his eyes made me obey him. I couldn’t help to spread my legs a bit further to give his hand full access. While I did, his eyes sparkled like he knew he concurred me... fully. He knew I was ready to give myself completely. OMG he was so dominant and I loved it. Slowly his hand disappeared into my panties and found my soaked femininity. Oh god, I moaned. What if someone sees us, I thought? But his fingers played with my folds so skillful that I let myself get carried away. His hand knew every nerve to pleasure and I was helpless. Automatically I reached with my hand and found his crotch with one hand and clearly felt what was pushing in my back a little while ago. OMG so big and hard. I stroked and squeezed his erection through his pants while trying to stand still as his hand was touching and rubbing my core.

After a minute or two he removed his hand from my pants and showed me his wet fingers. They were glistening in the dim light. “You are so wet for me”, he said and slowly inserted his wet fingers into my mouth. “Taste yourself...” and I did.. and the taste of my own juices made my core-heat burn hotter then before. Then he put his hand in my pants again and continued playing with my core, while he inserted 2 fingers deep in me. His long fingers reached my gspot and I lost it! Soon I was on the verge of orgasm and he whispered, ”Look at me, Angela.. and tell me when you cum”. That and his increased fingering pushed me over the edge and as I tried to keep eyecontact, I moaned: “Yes ..Yes ..OMG ...yes... oooh Eddy.. I’m cumming ... ” and my knees were shaking and trembling so hard I had hold on to him as my orgasm hit me so hard. I had to put my hand over my mouth not to scream.

When I came to ... he kissed my cheek and whispered, “And ??? Are you ready to make this date really memorable?”

I nodded and he whispered, “Get on your knees, girl.” And I lowered myself gently. He stood in front of me and finally opened his pants. I was shocked when I saw his big veined erection OMG !!! He grabbed it and began to jerk off in front of my face while his other hand gripped my hair tightly at the back of my head. Soon he was moaning and increasing his pace ... and then he whispered, “Look at me, open your mouth, stick out your tongue and don’t waste a drop.” I nodded in ecstasy and waited with my mouth open for what was to come ... Eddy’s eyes narrowed slightly and he whispered: “OMG I’m cumming, baby .. for you... take it and swallow it all. ” He put his purple glans on my tongue and immediately his cum shot into the back of my throat with strong squirts. My god, I love that so much ... and when he was done I swallowed his big load.

Eddy helped me get up and together we slowly walked back to the front of the building. The concert was over and we just stood outside for a chat. There he told me: “You are fantastic and you definitely need someone who can guide you but I cannot be the one for you, in reality. You can always ask me anything but you have your own lover to guide you through this. I hope that I gave you an unforgettable experience as I intended.” I kept blushing, confused by all the feelings, my slumbering high of my orgasm and the gorgeous taste of his cum. He gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek and whispered: “See you soon, sweetheart .. in our chats" and he wandered into the night...

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