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Terrell Anderson was not just a normal college football frat boy. But also the son of the most powerful business man in the city. Having cars,money,house this young man had it all..... except one lingering thing,he longer for that special something or ..... special someone. Terrell can have any girl he wanted.but it wasn't hitting him right. That all changed when a country girl from Texas came along and his world was flipped. Knowing himself,he was a young that went after what he wanted. Follow the journey

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Standing by the hallway surrounded by his team mates and talking about the up coming game. It seems Terrell had everything he could have possibly wanted in his young years.
Till rumors flew around about a mysterious new student,now he wasn't about that gossip but it was hard to ignore when the football teams girlfriends went on and on about who it might be.
Some girls in the school bet it's a boy,the girls bet it was a boy even his little sister Shannon was having her head in clouds about this. Just a grade below him these two were the best of friends.....well....Asher was his #1,but him hand his little sister went to each other for anything. To talk,to cry,to rant and rave till Satan came home. Shannon was his best friend.

Speaking of he found himself smiling when he was his blonde haired hazel eyes sister skip to him with a smile on her angelic face "I heard this new kid is coming tomorrow....wanna make a bet?" The young man chuckles while looking at his sibling " last time we madea bet,I lost to you." He watched his baby sister give that pout and puppy dog eyes nobody would dare say no was fricken IMPOSSIBLE.
"You no fun" she says as he watched her bottom lip trimble ' god please kill me' he looked sky ward praying to the Lord " ok ok. God damn" he watched her smile and he smirked pulling her to him " but nothing over 1k. I can't afford to be broke like last time"
Shannon looked at the ground running her ear remembering that day very well.
Terrell wanted to go out with his friends that weekend and maybe even take his then girlfriend britney,but the two made a bet and Shannon wanted these new sneakers that were in shore,which she might add werea little on the expensive side so she being as smart as she was made a bet that whomever stayed in the pool longest win.BUTshe purposly gave her brother drink after drink of his favorite soda secretly of course. She used the rest room BEFORE the game started and made sure to have a full belly before playing.

" Ok...if not 1k then....500?" She says looking at her brother who stares at her with raised eyebrow " Shannon Anderson what do you do with your money if I may ask?" Terrell asked. The hell went of ' oh lord thank you' she said but looked at him and said " none of your business" she turns to leave but he pulled her back looking at her like father did when she knew she was in trouble not that she ever got cought.
" I go to the spa. If you must know.why else would I looks pretty every month end?" She flips her hair over her shoulder " because mama gave you all the good genes" he chuckled. That was true. She was admired by most guys in her grade and envied by some girls " I know now let's go before you make me late,just because you're a senior don't mean you can make me late" she shoves him and ran off.

While their father was away he promised to look out for his sibling and if was honest, a few boys were afraid to even ask Shannon out because of him. He just had that don't fuck with me thing going for him.
His friends along with himself went to their first class. Cursing under his breath when he saw his ex sitting beside his desk ' thought I payed Bradley to sit by me' he thought with a crown ' she must've paid him more to piss the fuck off' he closed his eyes and sighed once he was seated.
Ignoring Britney tho he felt her gaze on him,he turned his head to look at her " yes Brit" in his voice he truly wasn't having any of her it was Monday and he wasn't up for it.
" This is stupid. When are you gonna stop all this and come back to me?" She asked. Terrell looked at the girl he thought he'd one day have life with but that day he threw a victory party to celebrate another win,he looked around for her so he could celebrate the win with the girl he thought he loved but walking up stairs and found her in one of the guest bathrooms,on her knees deep throating another guy.....he was done.he cought her once before kissing the same guy by the bleachers before away games. He....being the kind guy he was gave Brit the chance to redeem herself but from the game a couple weeks ago, he finally called it off with her.
" Oh so I can kiss you and have the taste of some other dude's tootsie roll in my mouth?." Looking away from her he then added " no thank you. " She was about to say more but the History teacher walked in and began his teachings.

Class went on with any drama....minus the one that sat beside me,soon as the bell went off I collected my things and was on my way out. Heading to Chem class I could hear whistles coming from behind me. My best friend rushed to my side,arm over my shoulder " dude new girl be lookin fine."
I stopped walking and looked at him " you said new girl?" Thought the new kid was coming tomorrow " yeah....unless it's a shemale but don't see no signs of it but I gotta tell ya......god damn" I noticed some kids in the hallways slowed their walk or stopped completely. Being curious I wanted to see but not wanting to be late for class I turned to leave to Chem.

Sitting down I was deep in thought till a few kids came in saying things like
"God damn. Did you see her?".
" Bro she fine as hell"
"Where's she from"
" Mmm the things I'd do to that fine ass" looking up to only find Shawn, Bradley and Chase talking as they say down " imma blow her back out if given the chance" one slacker says as he walked in talking to his friend.
Wow. She must be a Bella Hadid if he got the males of this school hot and botherd this much.
Simmering down once the teacher came Bradley passed me a note "dude,ya have to see this chick.think imma get her ;)".
Looking at my best friend he places his tongue between his two fingers giving me a clear sign of what he'd do. Shaking my head I went back to taking notes.

Kendra was suppose to start school the next day but father wanted her to start early that way she was settled and not just home watching TV and napping the day away. Her father was a... straight to the point,stern man but and don't get the man wrong he loved his daughter and swore to his wife on her death bed to make sure thier baby was happy. Mr Paul Richards did everything for his little nugget. Got her a dog..TWO dogs so she wouldn't feel lonely, allowed her the freedom any teen would want and he knew he raised a sane,smart thinking woman,his wife would hunt him if he didn't do right by his late Mrs.

The 17 year old walked the halls of her new high school. Of course getting the attention she couldn't avoid due to how many young thirsy boys whisper her way and made inappropriate remakes. They so lucky they don't know her day. Coming from a father who served in the military and now a chief of his department,last she dated a guy and brought him to meet her old man poor young buck was nervous from start to finish and next day at school,he told her he thought they wouldnt work out. Yeah it hurt but she wasn't going to tie him down or hound him.
Finally finding the registration office she got her. Locker number and class schedule,walking out the halls were empty which she thanked God because she REALLY didn't want to deal with any more thirst calls.
Finding her locker,she got it open and put some books in and closed it then looked at her class schedule
1. English 230
2. History107
3. Math201
4. Sience113
( Lucy break)
5. Chem class111
6.Gym 244
7 Art class 219

The school was huge ' hope my ass don't get lost' she thought talking to her first class which was english.
Giving a light know on the open door while the teacher spoke but stopped after seeing Kendra there " hello sorry I'm late. Um...I'm new here and not sure if this is the right class" she says with a nervous smile.
The woman let her in asking for her name and she gave it to her " Richards.... Richards AH yes Kendra Richards. You in the right class fearful... thought you'd be coming tomorrow" the women in front of her said a bit puzzled. " Yes. But dad wanted me to start anyways" she rubbed the back of her head
" Oh. Well glade ya did. Find an empy seat. Oh darn ya might have to share a text book" she snaps her finger then took a mental note to get another from one of the other teachers who didn't need it

Kendra took a seat by the window by the back. Taking out an empty book for notes she got a tap on her hand and looked over at a very cute light frickeled dirty blonde " share mine" she saysin a whisper inching her desk closer.
Thanking the girl she went on to listening to what was being said.

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