The Dragon's Resurrection

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King Draxus has been pronounced dead. His Kingdom mourns the loss of their mighty ruler and infamous Dragon King as his widow, Queen Lillian learns to cope with her great loss. Now with only three months of her pregnancy to go, the spirited young Queen is informed by the Royal Council that changes must be made to ensure the Kingdom’s safety. Learning that it was Marcus who persuaded the Council to side with him, Lillian is disgusted to learn that in order to retain her child’s claim to the throne Lillian herself needs to marry the King Regent until her child comes of age to rule... Unfortunately for her, the King Regent is now Marcus. Flynn works secretly with Paladin in order to learn more about the mysterious dagger which supposedly took the King’s life on that fateful night. After discovering that the Veemon’s hunch was indeed correct, that Draxus is not actually dead, the pair need to find a way to remove it and bring him back to life. But the dagger has a detailed past, one that will raise even more startling questions. Will Flynn find a way to bring Draxus back from his accursed slumber? Can Lillian continue to keep herself and her future child safe from Prince Marcus long enough for Draxus to return? NOTE - This is Book 4 in the 'Power' Series... to continue on with the series please look for Book 5 titled "Reign of the Dragon Queen" here on Inkitt.

Erotica / Fantasy
Bec Middleton
5.0 9 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Heed My Warning

Book 4 in the POWER Series...

Lillian was beyond heartbroken.

The Dragon Queen had lost her mate and she had never felt more pain in her entire life tha...

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