The Dragon's Resurrection

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Chapter 3 - An Uncomfortable Encounter

After making her announcement and surprising everyone present in the conference room, Queen Lillian then proceeded to make her way out of the room and began her long march back towards her chambers to have some much-needed time to rest and process everything that was happening.

Following along behind her now were General Shasharan, Zaar and Flynn, as well as the four King’s Guard soldiers who were tasked with escorting her everywhere she ventured around the castle.

As they made their way down the connecting corridor all three men had finally managed to catch up with Lillian as they proceeded to walk along beside her at an abnormally brisk pace. She appeared to be in a hurry.

“My Queen, please slow down.” Zaar called out.

“Your highness, I don’t understand… why would you agree to something like that?” Shasharan began to interrogate her as they continued along.

“I had to.” she replied sternly, not bothering to stop.

“Had to?” Flynn enquired with surprise, “Why would you say that?”

Lillian let out a large exhale as she suddenly stopped and turned back around to face them. She needed to explain her plan in order to set their minds at ease; they at least deserved to know what was going on.

“Yes Flynn, I had to. Refusing him would put both my life and the life of my child in immediate danger. The Prince would see us as nothing more than a remaining obstacle to overcome, in order for him to rule legitimately as King.”

“I see…” Flynn added, pursing his lips tightly with dislike. As much as he hated to admit it, Lillian had a good point.

“At least as his Queen he will be unable to do anything to either of us by Westorian law.” she pointed out, “I need to do whatever it takes to protect my child from that monster Flynn. Even if it means sacrificing myself in the process.”

“I won’t allow anything to happen to you, Lillian.” the Veemon was stern with his reply. “Please understand that I will do whatever is necessary to ensure that you and your child remain safe from him. You have my word.”

The General looked to Zaar with matching expression of confusion.

“Your highness, what are you taking about?” the General asked.

“Yes, why do you fear the Prince?” Zaar added, “Has he threatened you? Is there something you need to tell us?”

As the young Queen looked to Flynn she swallowed nervously as she contemplated how best to explain everything to the General and Zaar. They still had no idea of Marcus’ true intentions and she wasn’t sure who she could trust anymore. Truth be told, she wasn’t even sure that the four Kings Guards standing around them were actually on her side or perhaps secretly working as spies for Marcus. If she was going to tell them the truth about the slimy Prince then she would need to find somewhere more private to do so.

Facing the General and Zaar who stood beside him, Lillian placed a hand on either of their shoulders as she looked between them and spoke with a serious expression.

“Please I need you to trust me, both of you.” her eyes moved to one of the King’s Guards as he seemed to peer at her with suspicion while he stood silently guarding her.

“Meet me in my chambers within the hour.” she commanded them both, “I’ll explain everything, I promise.”

An hour had passed by and neither Zaar nor General Shasharan had made their way up to Lillian’s royal chambers as she had asked them to. She was beginning to feel quite concerned as she continued to impatiently pace up and down the room beside the balcony window, over and over hoping to calm her nerves.

Where could they be? Was something keeping them?

The sound of the door opening caused her to stop pacing and turn to face the door, eagerly expecting to see either one of the men she trusted.

Instead her heart sank as her entire body froze with a mixture of horror and fear at the unexpected visitor now standing just inside of her chambers.

“Marcus…” she breathed his name out in terror.

The corners of the Prince’s mouth curved upwards into a menacing grin as he closed the door behind him and began to slowly make his way across the room towards her as he spoke.

“My Queen… Were you perhaps expecting someone else?”

She got the obvious hint; Zaar and the General were not coming. She hoped that they were alright, that he had not done anything to them.

“What are you doing in here?” she demanded, “You are not welcome in my chambers, get the hell out!”

Marcus frowned.

“Now, now Lillian. That’s no way to address your future husband.” he taunted as he moved in on her.

“I suppose you’re responsible for the High Council’s decision to name you as King Reagent?” she queried cockily. “How convenient… for you, I mean.”

Marcus gave a nod as he smiled.

“You’d be surprised at just how easy it can be to get others to do your bidding, my Queen. Every man has his price Lillian. Especially High Councillors with an unfortunate tendency to sleep with younger women. All you need do is appeal to their desires...”

“You’re even more despicable than he is!” Lillian snapped with her emerald eyes narrowed. “And far more cowardly, having the sorceress do your dirty work to take out your own brother… couldn’t do it yourself, huh? Didn’t have the balls to pull something as difficult as that off? You’re pathetic!”

Enraged, Marcus suddenly snapped as he lunged forward and grabbed Lillian by her right shoulder and around the back of her neck, pressing his fingers firmly into the soft skin of her neck and causing her to wince with pain as he gritted his teeth together to supress his rage while staring her down. Ducking his head down slightly to meet her eyes he stared at her with a terrifying expression as he spoke through gritted teeth and with a crinkled nose.

Lillian breathed in sharp breaths as her brows furrowed with concern.

“You will learn quite quickly just how terrifying I truly can be, my dear. When you are my wife I will truly enjoy making you mine, in every possible way.”

As he spoke Marcus slowly began to move his left hand down from her right shoulder to her clearly visible cleavage. Lillian gulped as his slender fingers began to gently brush over the bulge of her right breast. His hazel eyes immediately moved down to watch as his left palm opened wide and squeezed her right breast firmly, causing her to let out an uncomfortable moan as she closed her eyes.

“No, get off me.”

“Mmmm… I can see why Draxus enjoyed having his way with you so often…” he complimented, “You will do nicely indeed.”

With a frustrated grunt Lillian tried to pull away from his grip, but failed. By now she had experienced enough of his disgusting touch and she refused to allow him to continue.

“If you think for one second that I’ll allow you to touch any part of me-”

“-You’ll what?” he quickly interrupted, raising both eyebrows and waiting for her to respond.

When she hadn’t he grinned and went on.

“When we are married I will make it my sole mission to fuck you every possible moment that I can. I will venture to explore every single inch of your body, just as my late brother had and I will enjoy being able to claim you as my own… By the time I am through with you, you will have totally forgotten all about my useless brother…”

Lillian was horrified upon hearing his confession.

She couldn’t help it as fear began to paralyse her as she stood helplessly in his grasp, with his face so close to hers as he spoke.

She wanted to get away from him, as far away as possible, but her body would not respond in the way she wanted it to.

“And above all my sweet Lillian, you will learn to respect me.” he whispered with his lips brushing gently against hers.

“In your dreams!” she spat with narrowed eyes.

Retaliating by tightening his grip on the back of her neck Marcus snarled as he spoke again, making himself abundantly clear.

“For the sake of your child, you will learn to respect me.” his eyes remained unblinking as he stared her down for a short period of time before releasing his grip on her and stepping back.

Straightening his suit he smirked as he then turned and began to make his way to the doorway.

“Just remember my dear… I have eyes and ears positioned throughout the entire castle. There is no place that you will be able to hide from me. Nowhere that is safe.”

He stopped just before the door and paused as he went to reach for the handle before adding, “…and if I were you I would be more careful about speaking to anyone about any of this... You wouldn’t want, oh... say the General or Zaar to suddenly become unnecessary now… would you?”

Lillian glared back at him with unrelenting hatred.

With a satisfied smirk Prince Marcus opened the door and exited the royal chambers, closing the door behind him.

He had made his point loud and clear.

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