Turning Tables on the Princess

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I did everything she asked of me. She was a princess on a throne. I was her Captain of the Guard. Her secret assassin killing anyone who'd threaten her. She seduced me and then bid me do whatever she commanded. Meanwhile her people are starving and her fiance is to blame. But will she hear a word of it? Of course not! Well, I've found a way to make her listen. It's high time she learn a woman's place in this realm. She needs a king and it won't be that sniveling lord. It's going to be me. And I'm willing to rip her kingdom apart and take her as my prisoner for her to learn I'm no longer hers to command. She is mine.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Taking What's Mine

Note from the author:

Explicit sex. Shape shifting. Vengeance and captivity. Dark erotica.

"It's done. The castle is yours Captain." Garix, one of the leaders of the Rebels, told Alazar.

"And the princess?"

"In the dungeon. As you commanded." Garix lowered his head in deference.

Alazar removed his helmet to wipe sweat and darker things from his forehead. It was an ugly battle. But a necessary one.

A wolfish smile turned his lips. He headed for the stairs. Taking them down to the lower levels.

He could hear her ranting and screaming down there. Where she'd had me only a few days ago. Torturing me to find out who the Rebel Commander was.

Not knowing it was me.

Alazar had revealed his immortal strength when she'd come down to check on him. Ripping loose the shackles and tossing them aside. Killing the torturer, then signaling his men beyond the walls with a torch in the window of the second level.

Reaching the dungeon, he could smell the acrid stench of smoke from the fire used to heat irons for torture and the odor of spilled blood.

"Alazar!" She was shrieking.

He rounded the wall and saw her. Taking in the sight of her struggling against a six foot chain shackling her wrist, brought him an odd amount of joy. She deserves that much. After all she's done to me.

She veered one way then the next yanking wildly at it.

Like a collared animal.

He took in the sight of her in the green gown. Matching her eyes.

Gold hair swung around her shoulders, shimmering in the firelight. The dress was torn at one shoulder. The low bodice barely contained her full breasts.

Perfect breasts. Ones he'd seen countless times before. But this time will be different.

She's not in control anymore.

I was in a panic. I'd sent Alazar, dragged by my guards to my dungeon. Then I'd come down and seen he was burnt and injured and he'd killed my torturer. Though I was angry I'd decided to take pity on him.

While I'd met his furious gaze, he'd ripped the shackles free. Coldly declaring. "You betrayed me!"

I shuddered at his raw anger.

I knew I had him wrapped around my finger. But I also knew how dangerous he was. I'd seen the violence he was capable of when he'd killed an assassin after me.

But he was my lover and I knew I could get him to do whatever I wanted. As long as I ask the right way.

But I'd left to get rags to clean him up and when I'd returned to my chamber, he'd been behind the door. He'd covered my mouth and drug me through the halls as his hostage. Eventually passing me off to his men. Promising he'd find me later.

But it hadn't sounded kind. It'd sounded like a threat.

It was obvious he was behind this siege on my castle. But why?

I was yanked down here and they'd pushed me against the wall and slapped a shackle on me. The way two of the men had looked at me, I'd worried for a moment that I might prove part of the spoils of this siege.

But thankfully, they'd gone.

Now I was trying desperately to get the shackle off. Pulling and tugging at it. Running and yanking it taught in an effort to either break the chain or slip the shackle.

Neither is working.

When I paused to catch my breath, I felt his presence. A weight to the air that was Alazar. His presence dominating any room he entered.

I turned slowly to face him and the wrath on his face worried me.

"You!" I accused hotly. My sense of betrayal sparking in my eyes.

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