Turning Tables on the Princess

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I did everything she asked of me. She was a princess on a throne. I was her Captain of the Guard. Her secret assassin killing anyone who'd threaten her. She seduced me and then bid me do whatever she commanded. Meanwhile her people are starving and her fiance is to blame. But will she hear a word of it? Of course not! Well, I've found a way to make her listen. It's high time she learn a woman's place in this realm. She needs a king and it won't be that sniveling lord. It's going to be me. And I'm willing to rip her kingdom apart and take her as my prisoner for her to learn I'm no longer hers to command. She is mine.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Note from the author:

Explicit sex. Forced sex. Rough sex. Shape shifting. Vengeance and captivity. Dark erotica.

As some things can be triggering please read with caution.


The Asara Pack had very few breedable females and everyone knew how ruthless the males became during the Mating Moon. They were the most virile of the wolves roaming after the plague. Each of them capable of being an alpha in their own wright.

Their aggression and virility and animal natures to match. Even after Alpha Edrick had found me in the woods, I had known I wouldn’t stay. They took me kicking and screaming into Asara Territory.

I could hunt. So I could eat.

And I’d be no man’s victim.

So as soon as they got me in those walls I was planning a way out.

I had not missed the way that Draven’s brother Alaric watched me. Tall broad and blonde, I couldn’t deny he’d caught my eye. He was solemn and striking and watched me like he might pounce any moment.

Though he’d bent to my will at every turn I knew he had his eye on me come the Mating Moon.

So, despite my remorse for the death of their alpha, Edrick was a good man. And he’d taken care of me despite my walls. Kinder than I expected.

Always looking for the good of the pack.

But as I’d exited my hut that morning, I’d caught the hint of male marking around my hut and knew that one of the males was trying to claim territory.


I told my only friend, the only other female I could tolerate goodbye.

Vanna Rae was scared for me, but I told her if they didn’t drag me back, she should try.

She could get away too.

Before the Hayden Brothers get her.

So, when chaos ensued as they brought back the dead alpha, I’d taken advantage of the shouts and clattering and panicked shouts…

I got out. Up and over their precious wall.

The Border Guards were too consumed with mourning their dead alpha and showing appropriate deference as his son, Draven returned with his corpse.

It’d been the only chance I’d have.

So, I took it.

After two days I had caught a whiff of a he-wolf on my trail. Close enough I could smell him.

Which meant he was watching me.

And the Mating Moon was days away.

Not a chance.

So, I made a run for it. Hopping through trees to make it hard to track me.

Still, after a few more days I was crouched in a tree watching below and glimpsed his blonde head in the shadows. A dagger on his hip as he peered around a tree to whiff.

Then move to another tree to crouch and assess a track I’d left.

Dammit! I was so careful.

Not careful enough.

I couldn’t shake the determined male.

His brother sent him after me. I’d known Draven was too stubborn to let me go easily.

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