The Barbarian's Pleasure

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I couldn’t think of any time in my life I’d been less ready. “Please don’t.”

“Here’s how it’s going to work, Sweet. I need ye ta breathe. I’ll take ye nice and slow and ye’re going to do what I tell ye.”

My lips tightened and I shook my head adamantly.

“Yea, ye are.” He said confidently. “And fighting me is only going to get ye hurt. At first here, I need ye to be very still.”

“No.” I squeaked. The sound barely croaking from my throat.

It’s not time. Not at all. I blew several long breaths. Trying not to pass out.

“Ye’re slick as a spring well, ready to fit me.”

“I’m most certainly not ready to fit you! Never ready to fit you!”

He chuckled low. His hand still pushing my shoulder to keep me pinned to the table. His feet positioned inside mine to keep them far apart, and my center wide open for him. He was silent a moment and I tilted to slide my face down the table enough to peer around my shoulder. Seeing he’d caught his part in his hand and was beginning to stroke me with it.

My back jerked tight, and I lurched up as far as I could beneath his hand. He guided the tip toward my lips and began short strokes up and down my crevice.

Despite myself I felt my body relaxing. The sensation was warm and pleasurable. Though I was still very afraid of what was going to happen in a few short minutes.

I’ll be forever changed.

I’ll no longer be innocent.

If I ever do escape him, no man will have me to wife. I nearly sobbed. Clawing the table to get away from him as my thoughts made me more afraid.

I had a sudden vision of Bonnie clawing that headboard and her face scrunched in pain.

He’s going to hurt me!

“Mardichi!” I screamed in a voice I almost didn’t recognize. Somewhere between a panicked cry and a commanding roar.

“Calm down, Little Bird before ye hurt yerself.” He was eyeing my buttocks jerking as I quaked with fear. Trying to pull my legs together. Trying to stretch far enough across the table I could escape him.

“Fine.” He said dully. “Have it yer way.”

He pushed the tip through my lips and into my entrance. Moaning at the tight cavern sucking his cock.

I yelped and clawed the wood so hard, I felt a splinter go under my fingernail but hardly noticed.

His hand slid from my shoulder down to my lower back where he pushed it down flush against the table. Ensuring I could no longer struggle away from him. I felt his member guiding deep into my core until it pressed against the inside of my back beneath his palm.

He grunted in pleasure. “Ahhhh.”

It was a guttural, animalistic sound. A deep primal beast in the throes of pleasure.

I was making a sound very much like the desperate cry of a night bird trying to escape some larger predator. Everything inside me was stretching, expanding to near impossible lengths.

He reached a slight barrier. He leaned down to prop his chest against my shoulder blades and use his weight to hold me in place. “This is going to hurt a bit. Please hold, or I will fer certain harm ye.”

He thrust quick and tore through the bit of skin to enter deep within the cushion of my body.

“There ye are.” He murmured in a near purr. “Sooo good, Little Bird. I could live right here.”

“No, you can’t.” I whined. “Get out.” I stretched to reach for that hot pot.

But I felt his large hand encircle my wrist and thud it forcefully to the tabletop before dragging it back to be level with my shoulder.

“Ye just won’t quit, will ye.” He straightened and caught my other wrist to hold it in a similar place. Using his forearms to pin my elbows to my sides.

Then he planted fully in me.

My head lifted and I shouted in objection at the uncomfortable straining of my body.

“Again.” He warned. Thrusting again and seating into me.

“You’re wet and hot from my fingers, so it doesn’t hurt you as it does Bonnie. Ye’re angry but not hurt.” He noted. “Learn to recognize the difference.”

He wasn’t completely wrong.

It does hurt. But I knew from watching Bonnie that I was far from in the pain she was.

“Yer a wet lil lass.” He complimented. “Slick for a man such as me.”

He drug that large length out of me and I felt the mushroom swell of his cock dragging out then pausing near my entrance to spear into me again. Touching deeply at the small mouth deep inside.

He moaned in pleasure beginning to move faster. “Yer as hot within as the fire ye shoot out yer mouth.”

“I hate you!” I shouted.

“Hate me as you wish. It doesn’t change that ye feel like a dream.” He leaned along my back again to pin me more fully. Beginning to pound into me so fiercely that the table rocked. The legs teetering against my knees as he gained momentum. Rhythmically filling me before withdrawing again.

“Damn you!” I swore at him.

He whispered into the hair next to my ear, encouraging my fight. “Yes, curse, rant, hate. None of it changes that yer mine, lil wench. A perfect piece for me to fill. I own you, Little Raven.”

“And this.” He planted hard into me to emphasize what he was telling me he possessed.

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