The Barbarian's Pleasure

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“You feel like satin. Like ye were carved from the softest things to make a sheath fer a man.”

“You’re utterly soulless.” I leaned up to shout.

“Who needs one when I have this.” He stuffed me full again. “Fucking you feels so good, Little Raven. In-fact,” He murmured. “You’re so delightfully surprising, I’m certain now I’ll be keeping ye for my little slave.”

“Isn’t that what you intended to begin with?” I sneered.

He was thrusting so fiercely that there was a guttural sound coming out of me. Broken each time he entered me again. “But I’ve come ta an even greater decision now, Wee Lass.”

“What?” I looked over my shoulder at him. My eyes darkened with bitterness. Resentment for what he was doing to me.

“Ye’re well suited to be one of my kind.”

“You’re kind?” I blinked at him in confusion. Even he had paused his ministrations to more slowly slip in and out of me. Still gripping my wrists to keep me from reaching the pot I so yearned for.

The one I want to smash over his head.

“My kind.” He echoed. His gaze on me nearly burned through my flesh and I sensed his intensity like walls moving in to suffocate me.

I was utterly unprepared for him to push me flat on the table again, make a sound similar to a snarl then I heard what sounded like bones and teeth scraping together.

Before I could react, I felt the puncture of teeth poking into the top of one shoulder blade. Razor sharp teeth surrounding it and tearing at the skin surrounding his bite. As his teeth sunk into me, he began moving within me again. His member swelling to even larger than before. Stretching me enough I thought I’d have to move my hips further apart to keep them from being separated by his staff embedded in my flesh.

He was grunting while he held the bite, thrusting more animalistically as he rutted me. His knees pushing against the back of mine and him rising then tipping forward as he filled me with the heavy weight of his sex.

I yelled and flailed against his grip, but he was so much larger than me that between the way he held me down and piercing me between the legs, the most I could do was flail about on the table like a grounded fish.

Absolutely pitiful. As I fought to escape his root, his mouth and his biting grip.

All of which, were equally relentless. I couldn’t so much as budge him.

He’s as muscled as he looks. I thought with a sinking stomach.

When he lifted his face from my shoulder, I felt the heat of blood coating my back and the inside of my upper arm. Droplets scattered along the table.

“What have you done?” I asked.

“Marked you.”

I’d no idea what that meant but I didn’t like the sound of it. Marked me for what.

I’d heard of witchcraft rituals where a woman could be bled and marked for demons. I didn’t want to be one of those.

“Marked me for what.”

“As mine.” He said simply. Slowly dragging out of me and falling limply out to dangle against the leather flap of his covering.

Only then did I register that he’d finished with me. While biting me, he’d reached his satisfaction and climaxed inside me. Dumping his seed as he tasted my blood. Binding us together in a primal way I couldn’t yet begin to understand.

“You bite your slaves?” I asked contemptuously.

“Just you. You’re now my beast mate. In addition to my human slave. I’ll possess you on every level soon enough. And you’ll learn the great value of obedience…And pleasure.”

Though I’d had no idea then, what he spoke of, it didn’t take long for me determine something was very wrong that night.

He bound me to the loop above the fireplace as he had when Bonnie had arrived to sate his man’s desires.

Afraid of what it meant for me tonight, I huddled in one of Mardichi’s oversized tunics within the shadow of the mantle. Curled against it as I tried to find the last remnants of warmth lingering in the hut.

Glancing at the bed I saw Mardichi lying leisurely on his back. One palm resting on his belly as he breathed deeply.

Clearly lost in slumber. I took advantage of the reprieve, to stand and pull the chain attached to the loop. Trying to dislodge it.

Or find a weak link in the chain. But every time I pulled it caused pain low in my body. Straining the parts of me so newly stretched and feeling very fragile. Parts which had never known soreness before.

At one point I had to release the chain and clutch at myself between my legs to try to soothe the burn.

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