The Barbarian's Pleasure

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He Bought Me, But He Doesn't Own Me

“I’ll take her.” He’d already hardened at the thought. He pulled coin out and poured it in his hand.

“Good luck.” The slave trader laughed. “I’d watch for teeth.”

Mardichi caught her arm. And took the key to her shackles from the slave trader. Paid for in the purchase price. Walking her to his cart. Tempted to toss her over the cart door and take her right there on the edge.

But she’d clearly fight like a wild animal and draw a crowd. Men excited to watch him intrude into her. Something he’d rather enjoy in private.

“You won’t have me!” She said acidly.

He laughed. “Tell yerself what ye wish, Gel.”

The girls of my village knew better then to be out. But I'd always been stubborn. I cursed my foolishness all the way to the slaver market.

But I'd never been so afraid as when I saw the size of the barbarian inspecting us.

He loomed like a tree. The biggest man I'd ever seen. Wearing only a strip of cloth around his genitals with a strap crossing his bare chest that he hung a dagger scabbard and an axe from. Obviously a formidable man. The scar told me that.

He thought to buy me but I had only got as old as I was without a man by being able to fight them off. So I was ready to show him no fear. But I was petrified inside.

He's too damn big to fight off!

I was aggravated to find that apparently my fight intrigued him. Because he elected to buy me. All I could think was that I'd make sure he regretted it.

"You won't want me in a sennight!" I vowed.

"I may be done with you by then." He laughed. Hooking the chain from my shackles to his waist and tossing me in the back of the cart.

The ride there was all rough and jouncing. And I ached a little inside from him stretching me with his finger. Something I was unaccustomed to.

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