The Barbarian's Pleasure

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His Possession in Reality

We arrived in his hut and he walked me in. Showing me the key to my shackles and putting it in his pocket with a broad grin.

Then without preamble he reached out and tore the oversized tunic I wore down the front. Roughly ripping it off me and tossing it in the corner.

"This is how you'll remain." He commanded.

I glared up at him defiantly. "I won't."

"You will." He dismissed. Stepping forward to cup a small breast as he gave me a thoughtful study. "Ye're a small lass. I worry about breaking yer flesh."

He thought he might break me?

Good. Because I was very sure he could.

He was a behemoth of a man. A massive creature that loomed like a great bull. I couldn't begin to fear what he had in his pants.

"It won't matter. You'll never have me. I'll get away."

"Will ye?" He laughed. Spinning me around and folding me over his bed. As bare as the day I was born.

He could take me. Rip me. And I'd be broken beyond repair.

Please don't. I willed.

I heard him moving the cloth covering his groin aside and I felt something like a small arm landing on my buttocks. He drug it against me. Sliding it over my crack then down between my thighs.

"Put your legs together." He ordered.

Determined to show no weakness or terror I did as bid. Closing my legs. Feeling his hard member between my thighs. And pinned against the moist wetness between my lower lips.

He slid backward and moaned. Then forward pushing in and out of my thighs.

Despite myself, I knew my body got wetter. Slicking him as he moved.

"You like that, don't you?" His large hands landed around my sides. Nearly encompassing my width. As he pounded harder against the back of my thighs.

Looking down I saw his cock parting my thighs as the head jutted between them. Shining wetly as it emerged and retracted.

He was moaning in pleasure. Pushing forward so hard he was tipping me further over the bed. My hands landed on it to brace me. He flattened a hand over the top of my buttocks so he could lean back and watch him sliding between my legs.

Then he lurched forward hard and I watched the head of his cock emerge between my thighs and shoot white liquid a distance. Landing in my hair.

He moaned in pleasure and his grip loosened.

"Good, Lass." He patted my ass as though I were a good pup. He turned and walked away. Dismissing me.

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