The Barbarian's Pleasure

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Learning to Please

He hooked my chain to a link mounted in the fireplace.

I could meander the room but that was as far as I could get. Until I get that key.

But despite that I’d pleasured the barbarian, he now looked at me with renewed interest instead of appearing sated.

Or what I thought sated should look like.

“What?” I snapped waspishly. Eying him slumped back in a wood chair. Unashamed of his near nudity.

“That snipped was sweet. But I’m ready for the meal. I want to fill you.”

I chewed my cheek. Wondering if I’d be able to get away from him unscathed. Before he hurts me.

Mardichi returned that evening with a pretty, voluptuous blonde. Barely draped in clothes. He walked her in by holding the back of her neck.

“Raven, this is Bonnie. She is going to teach you what pleasing me should look like.”

“Pleasing a man.” Bonnie corrected.

“Only man she’ll be pleasing is me.” Mardichi scoffed.

“Poor thing.” Bonnie shot her a sympathetic look.

“Don’t make me sound as bad as that.”

“You’re not.” Bonnie said quickly. “You’re a kind one, you are. It’s just your part.” She gestured.

He’d resumed slouching in that wood chair. Leaned sideways and thoughtfully massaging his fingernails with the thumb on the same hand. “Yea...I’m worried ‘bout tha’ too.”

He sighed and stood. “That’s why yer here, Me Dear.”

He took Bonnie to the bed as he had me this morning. Pushing her over to put her hands on it so she was bent in half. He tugged the strips of cloth covering her down off her arms and let them fall to the floor. Exposing her entirely.

“You watch.” He ordered. Positioning behind Bonnie. He moved the pouch covering his groin aside and pulled out a large pulsing pink bit of flesh. Looking much like a small arm gripping an apple.

I looked at the tiny entrance I could see on Bonnie where she was bent over. He’ll never fit.

“Now, Bonnie?” He leaned around her to ask.

“Make it quick.” She pleaded.

He took that as consent to enter her fast.

She shrieked and lurched up to grab the sideboard of the bed in a white knuckled grip.

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