The Barbarian's Pleasure

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Bonnie's Suffering

He stroked only about halfway inside her. Grunting in satisfaction every time he eased forward.

Her fingernails bit into the wood and she looked pained.

I retreated a fearful step.

But as he smoothed into her. Slicking his cock in her heat she began to relax. Licking her lips and soon she was moaning. Soon she pressed back against him. Taking over the movements but still careful to only take about half of him.

He watched with a frown. After a time he put a hand to her hip. “Not going to do it, Bonnie. I’m not in far enough.”

She whimpered and nodded.

Mardichi surged forward and Bonnie lurched up. Gripping his hands on her hips as if to push him away. But he held fast and slammed harder. Grunting in pleasure as his length vanished inside her.

I wondered where it was going. There was so much of him and her torso was only so long.

He’d withdraw, leaning back from her then surging forward again. His muscled buttocks flexing as he burrowed into the blonde who was clutching desperately at his hands.

“Mardichi!” She pleaded. “It’s too much!”

“I’m almost done, Bonnie.” He said soothingly. Thrusting faster and harder.

She yelped and clawed at the bed. Leaning forward to get off him but he followed her. Pounding in and grunting. Yanking her hips back against him. She bit her lower lip and her face was flushed.

He’s too big for her. And she knows what she’s doing.

I was terrified. He’ll never fit in me!

She knelt on the bed and crawled away.

His arms slumped and he gave her a disappointed look. “I was so close.”

“I just couldn’t.” She pleaded. Lips white as she shook her head.

“Come.” He sighed. Laying down on the bed. His part still standing straight in readiness.

I was very afraid of what would happen.

Bonnie knelt over him. Eying him askance.

“Lower onto it.” He directed. Propping his hands behind his head and focusing on her large bobbing breasts.

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