The Barbarian's Pleasure

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Taking Him In

Bonnie propped over the tip of that straining staff.

He’ll never fit. I worried my lip. Watching fearfully.

Bonnie slowly hovered over the swollen head of it. Sighing and shuddering as she began lowering onto it. It peeled apart her entrance and she moaned. Putting her hands on her thighs to balance herself so she could ease down.

Inch by inch she breathed deeply to steady herself. Wincing now and again in pain.

I was shuddering in horror.

I was stunned as she made it down to where there was only a few inches of him propped up, ready to enter her.

But Bonnie paused and it was clear she couldn’t do it. She lifted her body and lowered it. Whooshing air as she worked him in and out. Moving faster so her breasts were flopping.

He reached up to cradle them. His thumbs stroking the plump pink crests.

Bonnie was trying but his face was dispassionate.

He’s not enjoying it.

“It’s not enough, Bonnie.” He grumbled after a moment.

She winced and looked Heavenward as if in prayer.

He lightly set his hands on her hips. Giving her a questioning look.

She chewed her lip and after a time nodded hesitantly.

He grunted and flexed his ass. Jutting his cock up into her at the same time he pulled her down.

She screamed and fell forward. Her fingers clawing his chest as he pumping up into her. His face relaxed in pleasure as he flexed in and out, in and out. His pleasure mounting enough he threw his head back.

He was dragging Bonnie down onto him. Faster and faster. Ignoring the desperate clawing of her hands as she fought the pain. He pushed her entrance open. Straining her body to take his length. Yanking her down and sliding her forward to force her to take all of him in.

“Please. Please!” She cried.

He worked faster. Seeming a little excited by her desperation.

Her pain.

I was afraid. More afraid then I’d been before. I found myself clutching myself in the hopes of preventing him from ever entering me like that.

After a moment he caught her leg and smoothly flipped her onto her back. Sinking into her even more deeply as his hips worked so fast it was almost hard to see what he was doing.

He was grunting viciously. Long groans as his back arched back to get deeper. And finally he gave a shivering pump. Where his muscles shuddered and he moaned in pleasure.

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