The Barbarian's Pleasure

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Cleaning Up

Bonnie whimpered. Her grip on the headboard white and shaking.

Somehow her body had born the Barbarian’s pleasure.

Mine certainly won’t. I’d never survive that. My mouth was dry and I was shifting uncomfortably.

“Thank ye, Bonnie.” He rolled off her to lay next to her. Moving the leather pouch back over his slickened groin and dropping a palm to his abdomen as he relaxed. Reaching aside his bed, he withdrew a couple coins and put them into her waiting hand.

He followed Bonnie out of the bed. Walking over to unchain me from the fireplace. Handing the chain to Bonnie.

“Another coin for ye if ye take her down to the pond and show her how to clean up for servicing.”

Bonnie nodded and took my chain.

“If ye lose ‘er. Ye’ll be takin’ ’er place.” Mardichi told her sternly.

Bonnie looked petrified.

Clearly I wouldn’t be escaping at the pond.

“He’s not that bad.” Bonnie had my chain hooked around her waist while she stood thigh deep in the pond. Splashing icy water over her body and careful to splash it with great momentum, between her legs. “It’s just the sheer size of his part. He’s as good a man as any.”

“Are you his slave?”

“Nay.” She shook her head. “I belong to the neighbor just there.” She pointed. “Jimmy. But Mardichi buys my favors from him now and then for a bit of coin. Then he sneaks me a couple for bearing the pain. He says Jimmy ain’t the one doing that!” She laughed slightly. Groaning and holding herself as the laugh obviously caused her pain.

“Why don’t you escape.”

“Oh, no!” She shook her head adamantly. “You don’t understand. A slave woman can have some power in her position. Men will favor you, give you things you want if you keep his cock happy. But if you try to escape him he’ll punish you with that same bit. And the pain can be unbearable. Then they’ll really treat you like they own you.”

She shook her head meaningfully. “Don’t do that, Girl. Learn to take him into you.” She gestured to my lower body. “Please him. Making him happy.”

“Look at the size of me, Bonnie!” I cried. “He’ll never fit that in me!”

“He’ll make it fit.” She grunted.

I gave her a wide-eyed, horrified look.

“Perhaps not the best turn of phrase.” She admitted.

I’m going to die. I realized.

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