Nowhere To Run

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Unfortunately, in this day and age it has been outlawed for pack wolves to mate with human women. Worse yet. Females being born to the packs are becoming increasingly rare. Further concerning, is the Full Moon's arrival. The Mating Moon. The males are strong, aggressive and they want to breed the perilously few females. I've stayed from the limelight by hiding in my Grandmama's hut at night and sneaking out to hunt only during the day. Avoiding most of them. The only one that really knows about me is our young Alpha. He's caught my scent. And I know his. He's been marking around my hut and scratching at the door at night. He wants to possess me. And what he wants he gets. I'm fast. But he is notorious for his speed and brutality. Where can I run when everywhere in the village and woods the males are in rut? I've no choice but to run. And nowhere to run.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Catching My Scent

Note from the Author:

Explicit Sex. Violence. Forced intercourse. Shape shifters and dark erotica under a Mating Moon. Please read with caution.

The Mating Moon was on the rise in just a few days time the males would be wild with the need to mate. Driven only by sexual hunger.

And there were perilously few females in our pack. I was more than beginning to worry.

Only half of us were of mating age. And I was the oldest unmarked female. That meant I had to hide.

I opted to only leave my grandmother's hut during the day when the rest were sleeping.

Our alpha had recently been shot by hunters, making Draven, his successor, our new alpha. Known for his speed and brutality he'd earned the respect of the older males.

Lately he'd caught my scent. I could tell because when I crept around the camp he'd step from the fire in the center of the village. His keen gray eyes watching me slip from tent to tent.

There seemed to be no way to avoid that alert gaze.

He's always watching me...

And I'd caught his. He'd been marking around my hut. Indicating that what was inside was his.


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