An Unwilling Mate

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Samantha: Jaecar, the fiercest of the Border Guard, has always been kind to me. Indulging me despite what I thought was his lack of sexual interest. That all changed the day he told me he'd have me as his mate. I said no. Spurring Jaecar to go from the sweet boy next door to the hungry wolf with his eye on me. Jaecar: She was mine. She'd always been mine. She just didn't know it yet. I courted her, I was kind to her, all with my end goal in mind. Possessing her. She thinks she can run from me. But I know everywhere she'd go. I know everywhere she'd hide. Because I know everything about Samantha. The Mating Moon is rising. And she will be my mate. Willing or not.

Erotica / Fantasy
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When I fully woke, it was too Jaecar cinching a rope around my ankle. Startling me.

I tugged at my bound wrists and felt something digging into my hips. And my hair was in my face.

It took me a moment to realize I was tied face down over the back of a wooden chair. I tried to move and figured out my ankles were each bound to a chair leg. I was tipped over the back of the chair, so it dug into my stomach. Each of my wrists tied to a front leg of the chair.

I tried to move but every pull tugged at something else. Yanking my arms strained my ankles and vice versa. The ropes were so tight, they bit into my skin.

I was stunned, realizing the diligence and care Jaecar must’ve used, to so carefully bind me while I was in my exhausted coma.

What’s he going to do now?

“Good. You’re awake.” I heard Jaecar’s voice from behind me and had to lean to look around my own leg to see him walking to sit by the wall. Sliding down it to meet my gaze across the room. Crossing his boots at the ankles. Wearing only them and his leather pants. Tossing chunks of meat from a platter into his mouth, as he leisurely took in the sight of me so vulnerable.

“Please let me go.” I gave him a desperate look. “This is ridiculous.”

“Why would I do that?” He threw another bite of meat in his mouth. Gesturing. “I like you like this.”

Bent over a chair. Ready to be his unwilling plaything.

“What you said to me was wrong. Do you realize how much you could suffer at their hands if I were to let them have you?”

“I’ve suffered at your hands.”

“Perhaps…” He looked to the platter and avoided my gaze as he thoughtfully plucked up another piece. “Sometimes dark deeds are done to avoid a darker fate. I wish you’d stop with your childish tantrum and think things through logically.”

“Logically?” My voice rose as I jerked my wrists again. “You have me splayed over a chair, Jaecar…”

“Yes, I do.”

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