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The Ravening - TEASER

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I had no idea why the panicked witches marked me at first. But it didn't take me long to realize I'd been sacrificed to assuage the hunger of an insatiable incubus. A man sentenced to haunt the Earth as a demon with a ravening hunger for human women. He won't leave me alone. How can I escape someone whom I can't even see until he's inside me. I can't touch until he's already feeling me. No one can see him but me. I can't make him stop. And the longer this goes on the less sure I am that I want it to.

Erotica / Fantasy
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The Witches

The Ravening Teaser Chapters. The rest is available on Patreon or my site.

Note from the Author:

Explicit sex. Force. Lust. Hunger and the will of an immortal incubus.

His voice chased me as I ran headlong through the woods. Desperate for help.

I tripped in my haste and went sprawling across sodden leaves and twigs. I was so tired that I hesitated for a moment. Closing my eyes in exhaustion.

“I’m coming for you, Zira.” His voice was smooth and erotic.

Dampening me just from the sound. As my body prepared for what was to come.

I flipped over onto my stomach and pressed against the ache. Not again.

I tried to crawl away on my belly.

After almost two days of relentless torment, I’d begun my trek to the crone’s hut in desperate need of salvation.

“Just leave me alone.” I pleaded.

I’m soooo tired!

“That’ll never happen.” He scoffed.

I felt my dress sliding up the back of my legs. And then my legs parting. I could feel his touch caressing my calves and thighs. But I knew if I turned and looked, no one would be there.

My own personal haunting.

The forest was as empty as always.

Yet he somehow finds me.

“I’ll always know where you are.” He purred. “And I’ll always want inside you.”

I felt him thrust deeply. Entering me without warning. My back arched and I cried out in objection but he was stroking into me. Grunting in satisfaction.

“You feel so good.” He breathed in my ear. “Hot and wet. Always. I’ll spend your lifetime inside you. Spilling seed into you. Ravishing you.”

“Noooo.” I pleaded helplessly. Too tired from fighting to stay awake for nearly two days, to escape him now.

“Please struggle, Zira.” He whispered. “You know I love it when you do.”

“I can’t. I’m too tired. I just need sleep.”

“A shame. You won’t get much.” He clucked in his cheek. “I’m going to fuck you over and over until you get up and run from me again...” He shook his head. “Like you’ll ever get away.”

And I knew it was true.

A horrible truth.

“You’re mine. Always mine. This is mine.”

But how could I fight him?How can you fight someone you can’t see? Can’t touch.

But he can touch me.

There was chaos in the witches’ spell camp. Nothing had gone as they’d hoped.

The fire they had begun to include the herbs they’d been burning, was toppled over. Each of them was scrambling over leaves and debris. Clawing the ground in their desperation to get away from the clearing.

From the thing hunting them.

One witch’s black robe was tossed apart and the bodice of her gown was ripped open. Freeing her breasts which began molding as unseen hands massaged them while she shrieked and stumbled backward. Falling and scrambling away.

“Where is he?” The youngest of them shouted.

“I don’t know. We can’t see him!”

“We can’t ever see him!” Another shrieked as they looked desperately around the trees.

Another witch was climbing backward on her elbows and her skirt was flung up. Finger indentations molded into her plump thighs and she yelled. “He’s here. On me!”

“Did you all honestly think a banishing spell would work on me? I’m not one of your little creations.” He nearly growled it.

The witches had been casting spell after spell over the last few weeks in a desperate attempt to cast him from them.

“What are you?” One witch pleaded.

“A demon, of course.”

“How can we make you go away.”

“Who says that you can?” He crooned.

“There has to be a way.” The youngest witch was fleeing back to the temple to rummage through the scrolls again. Looking for a way to keep him away from them.

Out of them.

Soon the witch that’d been crawling backward on her elbows yelped as she was entered. And she began sliding backward along the leaves and grass as the unseen creature mated her.

She whined. “Sarah!”

“I’m looking.” The youngest of them shouted from within the temple a distance away. Hearing her sisterhood calling for her telepathically.

Finally she lifted a scroll in triumph. “I’ve found something! A way.”

“Get back here, Sarah!”

“We need another.” Sarah told them mentally as she rushed back to the clearing with the bit of rolled parchment.

“Another what?” One of the others asked.

“A female. One to sacrifice to him. There’s a way to mark her that will bind him to her.”

“Which means he’ll be cast from us?” The other one asked hopefully.

The four black-cloaked witches were gathered around the one sliding along the forest floor beneath the wild thrusts of their tormentor while the others stood helplessly by.

But Sarah returned with her scroll. “Don’t stand and watch, Sisters. Find another woman!”

They scattered in different directions. Fanning out and walking through the trees in search of some little forest nymph they could sacrifice to the prince of torture that’d held them captive for nearly a month now.

Soon the eldest of them gave a victorious shout.

They rejoined her. All of them bleary from lack of sleep and blinking slowly. Even the one that had been taken such a short time ago joined them. Moving well from the healing work that the demon often did after he’d had his way with them.

They peered through the foliage and saw a small framed woman in a large brown cloak collecting berries into her skirt.

They gave each other a long look as they decided what they would do.

“Are we sure we can do this?” Sarah asked, already feeling guilty.

“Yes.” Mara, the woman the demon had so recently tasted, said. “We have no choice. We won’t survive him much longer.”

“He’s relentless.” Another said.

“And we’re so tired.” The last one whined. Already so exhausted she could hardly stand but knowing what would happen if she relaxed for even a moment.

He’d come...

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