The Ravening

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Not At Rest

I shook my head wildly. "No. No!" I grasped the slick edges of the bath to hoist myself out. "I'm not asleep! I'm not. I'm awake!"

"Yes, but you've relaxed enough I can come to you." He murmured. His lips curved in wicked grin. "Come in you..."

His thumbs putting pressure against the front of my hip bones, where they angled down toward my pelvis, forced me back down into the water. My breasts bobbing along the surface. The nipples cutting the water at the surface.

His eyes watched them avidly. He licked his lips hungrily and I felt him harden against me.

His fingers curled around to press into my butt cheeks. So he fully gripped my hips. Then he lifted me. Making my back slide down the far side of the bath.

I knew why. I fought harder. Lurching up and looking frantically around the room for a way to escape the tub, my eyes landed on the door.

There's people out there. People that might help...

"Zira..." He coaxed.

My eyes flew to him. He quirked his mouth and winked, and my lips stitched together. No sound could emerge. I tipped my head back sliding up and down as I fought to try and get from the tub to scream. My mouth was closed and wouldn't open.

I looked down at where I struggled to withdraw my body from his grip. As I felt the first heavy stretching of my body to ease around him, I saw his rod appear. Shimmering then becoming visible along with his groin and muscled thighs. He sighed blissfully as he slowly entered me. Feeling my inner muscles bite down on every inch of him, made him growl in pleasure.

I was making squeaking noises as I tossed my head. Clawing at the tub.

He used his grip on my hips to lift me enough he could surge in and out of me.

I had nowhere to go. I was pinned down in the bath. My hands slipping over the ledge. His elbows bent over my knees to keep me down in the water as he maneuvered in and out of my body.

Taking me again.

Having his way with my flesh.

"Ssh." He hushed me. Moaning as he moved. Flexing his buttocks against his heels to press into my hole.

With nothing else to grab ahold of I leaned up and grasped where I though his biceps were. Clawing into them.

The thick muscles appeared in my grip.

He gave a pleased smile as though I'd done something good.

Clinging to him, I fought the mounting tension soaring through me.

"Have you never felt the pleasure?" His voice rumbled over me. Making my nipples harden and my skin goosebump.

I was staring at him wide-eyed.

"You're going to." He stroked me inside. In and out. Methodical. Eventually turning one hand to flatten his palm over my pelvis and apply a little pressure. Smashing my belly down against the friction of him inside me.

It intensified the sensation.

Involuntarily my back wanted to arch but the way I was compressed, in half the bath, I couldn't.

He slid a thumb over to find the delicate button of flesh. Pressing it, made me throw my head back against the ridge of the bath. Writhing against his hand.

Suddenly I found myself meeting his thrusts. Rising to press against him.

"Yes." He exalted. "Struggle, pleasure...It's all the same." He purred. "I feel you wrapped around me, moving. My pleasure intensifying." His head fell back and his corded throat worked. His chest bunching and releasing as he moved. "Zira..."

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