The Ravening

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Not Finished with Me

His head fell forward. Lips parted in hot pants as he stared avidly at me. Watching my face as he plunged into me. Stirring the water back and forth in the tub. His mouth twitched and mine uncinched.

Somehow it unleashed the tidal wave in me. I rocked onto my heels and forced my pelvis upward and he followed me, rising onto his knees to keep stroking into me. My body tightened and white-hot sensation poured through me as I shivered and released. Slumping weakly back into the water.

He paused and half-smiled. “Remarkable, isn’t it?”

Strangely, he let me enjoy the moment.

After a long pause, where my body shuddered, I tried to rise on shaking legs.

"Oh, no." He shook his head sternly.

"We're never done until I'm finished with you." He began pumping viciously into me. Punishing me for thinking he was done.

I whimpered against the powerful stabbing of his hips into my soft inner thighs. Oddly it didn't hurt the burn mark. I hardly feel it now.

He surged inside me and threw his head back. Groaning as his body spilled into mine.

I bit my lip watching him with new eyes. Seeing the raw pleasure pouring over him. As his taut body thrust once, twice more to milk his body of what remained in him.

Once he'd relaxed slightly I leapt from the tub. Fully awake and alert again as I backed naked across the chamber. My eyes scanning the room.

I could no longer see him. With my full wakefulness he was gone. Invisible yet again.

But he hasn't gone. I was certain of it. Sure he was still in that tub.

My fears were confirmed when I heard the water moving as he straightened and his pleasured sigh as he relaxed in my bath.

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