The Ravening

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A Name

"He's a-an incubus, he said. A demon." I finished desperately. Clinging to her.

"An incubus?" She breathed. "How did he find you?"

I lifted my skirt and turned my leg to show her the black ridge along the inside of my thigh. Much of the redness had gone now.

"Yes. There it is..." He sounded pleased to see it. "Making me hard just looking at my mark so close to your..."

"What do I do!" I cut him off. Forcing myself to focus on Hales.

"Demons are controlled by their name. Saying his name should hold great power over him."

I nodded in understanding. Fleeing the hut.

"Get his name!" Hales shouted after me. Standing in her doorway.

"Worst advice ever." He dogged my steps. His voice brushing the back of my neck.

"You're name..." I said thoughtfully. Ignoring him.

"My name..." He echoed.

"Does it hold power over you?" I thought if he'd deny it, it'd confirm that it did.

"Yes, yes it does." He admitted.

"What is it?"

I heard his cluck in his cheek. Chiding me for asking what I knew he'd not answer.

"Now that, you have to earn."

I decided then that I would. I would do whatever he wanted. Surrender. Let him take this body however he wished.

As long as he'd tell me his name and I could have him gone from me forever.

"I like the sound of that." He was whispering in my ear, so close his breath stirred my senses.

I re-entered the tavern in the same crazed state I left it.

The barmaid watching me as stunned as before as I climbed the stairs two at a time. Holding up my skirt to keep it from the way.

I rushed into the room I'd bought for today and I unlaced my bodice and let it fall to the floor then shrugged from my dress. Kicking it off my feet and standing naked in the center of the room. "Fine. Take me. Just tell me your name."

"It's not that simple..." His voice floated to me.

I couldn't tell where he was. "Then what do you want!"

"If you're going to earn it, you won't do it by offering yourself to me. You'll do it by giving yourself to me."

"How?" I shook my head in confusion.

Stop speaking in riddles!

"I'm not." He said. Knowing my thoughts as he always did.

Was no part of me sacred from him?

"No." He answered in a dead voice.

"What do I have to do?"

"Pleasure me. Willingly give yourself to me. Seduce me..."

"And you'll tell me your name?"


"You vow it?"

"I do."

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