The Ravening

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An Attempt At Ravishment

"How do I know I can trust you?" I asked anxiously.

"Oh, you can't." He said decisively.

I was sure he was circling me again.

"But I am a creature of my word." He said calmly. "That's what got me here. I kept my vow."

To become a demon?

"More or less." He answered my unspoken question.

The door to the room was tossed open then and the two large men that'd brought me my bath water filled the doorway. Surveying me in my naked state.

I shielded myself with my arms. I didn't lock the door! How could I be so careless?

"Perhaps you wanted them to have you?" He suggested. Humor in his voice.

He knows that's not true.

I don't want anyone to have me!

Greed brightened their faces and they walked to me. One caught my shoulders and the other grabbed my legs. Lifting me off my feet. They put me on the bed.

The bigger of the two smelled acrid and had food stuck in his beard. He grinned lasciviously as he climbed atop me but he had almost no teeth.

I shouted for help. Screaming for someone to come.

It's a tavern. No one cares. No one is going to challenge them.

"I would." He said from the shadows. "If you wish. I don't like sharing my things."

I turned my face to the shadowed corner where he'd been before. "Please, help."

His face emerged from the shadows. Pulling together the darkness. His eyes were hard rubies and his mouth was tight. Nearly white. When he stepped from the shadow. His foot thudded heavily. Drawing the attention of the two men.

The other had gone to the bottom of the bed and gripped my ankles. Holding my legs on either side of the larger one who was fumbling to get out of his pants.

Now they both stood frozen staring at what rose from the shadows.

He straightened, and his head lifted nearly to the ceiling. Twining horns jutting from it. He splayed long red wings that looked to be made of fire.

"She's mine!" He roared in a voice that shook the room.

Both men fell sideways over the bed to put it between them. Stumbling for the door and left as quickly as they'd come.

He retracted back into the shadows and I ran to slam the door. Turning the lock and pressing my back to it as I caught my breath.

Can this get any worse?

For once, he didn't answer my thought.

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