The Ravening

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In Exchange for a Name

“Will you tell me your name?” I slumped to the edge of the bed and dropped my face into my hands.

“Yes.” He was standing over me. I could hear his voice emerging from just above me. “After you've done what I ask."

“Tell me what to do.” I said resignedly.

“Be my plaything.”

“I thought I already was.” I said dully.

“You are.”

“I’m already unclothed. What more do you desire?”

“Everything.” He purred. "Kneel down on the floor here."

I slid off the bed as he’d directed. Staring up at blank space where I knew he had to be.

“Open your mouth.”

I did.

"Wrap your teeth with your lips to soften your mouth."

I covered my teeth to form an ‘o’ with my lips. It was becoming clear what he'd do to my face.

As I thought it, his hands landed on each side of my head and he guided my head to his cock. Slipping the invisible piece between my lips. I felt his hot skin on my tongue and in a moment he was visible.

Holding my head in place while he stroked his cock in and out of my mouth. Head thrown back as he moaned in pleasure. “Close your lips a little and move your tongue along on it.”

I did as he ordered and he shouted in praise. Stroking my hair a bit roughly as he began to pump faster. Eventually his hands wound to the back of my head and pushed me down on him as he delved further into my throat. Stretching the inside of my neck then withdrawing. I’d gasp for air and he’d enter again.

“Ah. Ah.” He moaned. “You feel...So...Good.” Then he came in my throat. Hot liquid slicking my throat and rolling down my tongue.

“Mmmhmm.” He crooned.

A part of me hoped that for once he’d be sated and relent.

“Never.” He answered my unspoken thoughts as always. “Now stand up.”

I did.

“Put your hands on my chest.” He’d been careful not to move, so I’d know where he was.

When I touched him I gasped at the raw heat he was generating. His smooth chest became visible. Dark skinned with a darker nipple and shadows framing his hard abdomen. Flexed taut from his endless ravishings, no doubt.

“No doubt.” He agreed. Putting a hand over one of mine. His was long fingered and strangely beautiful. Dwarfing mine by far. He dropped his head, floating in the dim light. “Now kiss me.”

I put my lips to his.

“Open your mouth.” He said against my lips.

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