The Ravening

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My Utter Submission

I obeyed and his tongue intruded into my mouth. Roving over it. Until he was hot and panting. Swishing deeper and grabbing the back of my neck to tangle his hand in my hair. His other hand falling on the curve of my lower back and tugging me against him. Pinching his cock between us deliciously.

He moaned into my mouth and I felt his arousal climbing. Knew the signs that he’d soon be taking me.

Without breaking from my mouth he bent me back on the bed.

It was so strange that I could only glimpse the pieces of him making contact with me but I could feel all of his hard body. He landed atop me and I climbed backward up the bed.

He drug over me to continue pillaging my mouth.

Consuming me. Tasting every edge of my mouth.

The same way he stroked me when his rod was inside my body. Tumultuous, excited and wild. Violent and penetrating. Everything he was.

“Open your legs for me.”

I obeyed.

“What a Good Girl, you are.” He praised. Knowing I was a woman grown.

I’d been running from men for years now. Well over the age of marriage and breeding.

He settled in between my thighs. His hard cock already resting near my entrance. Pulsing with his eagerness. “Lift your legs up by your head."

I gave him a confused look.

So he scooped each of my heels and began folding them up until the rested near my head.

His gold eyes roved over my exposed parts. Reaching down and firmly massaging my lower lips with his fingertips before slipping one thumb into me.

I gasped and he smiled.

“Soooooo tight.” He groaned. “Feels so good wrapping my staff.” He was already thrusting against my crack. Humping my exposed bottom without entering me. Dragging the hard part of his body up and down my slit.

He slid his other hand down my inner thigh so that thumb could join the first. He rolled them both into me alternately until I was jerking and spasming.

“So wet for me.” He grinned triumphantly. “I’m going to take you now. Hard. Rough.” He told her.

Like always. I thought sadly.

I nodded hesitantly. Already knowing that’d always be the way of it. Passionate and violent was who he was. Whatever that is...

“And you’re going to tell me how much you want it, need it. That you want it rougher and that” He paused and his gold eyes roved my face. “Then I’ll give you my name and all the power over me it possesses...”

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