The Ravening

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Tell Me You Like It

He had me positioned as he wished now. And when he entered me viciously, I squawked because I was tender from what he'd done to me in the bath.

And it's so deep! My body strained to accommodate him. My furthest entrance stretching at his probing.

"Just relax. It'll subside." He said coldly.

He surged into me. Shoulders pressing against the back of my calves. His palms outside my shoulders as he pumped into me. Grinding his hips to feel my walls tighten around him.


I could feel the weight of his sack slapping against my lower lips.

He growled in pleasure. Abdomen tightening as his body curled. "Tell me you want it harder."

I whimpered. Hesitating because I ached already. And I was bent so vulnerably.

"I-I-harder." I tensed. Tightening around him anxiously.

He angled above me and withdrew nearly out before dropping his weight in a near push up. Slapping into me and bruising the lips framing my opening. His toes slid over the coverlet as he strained to get deeper. I felt the hard tip of him pressing open the place beneath my belly. It stung, the pain biting sharply.

"Harder!" I cried.

Moaning in exultance. He pounded me harder. Like a rutting animal. Fast angled thrusts that penetrated deeper than anything before had. Putting pressure low in my back and sending rivers of pain vibrating from my inner places as he banged harder against me.

My body rocking from his momentum.

"Tell me you want it."

"But I don't! Stop! Please stop!" I was tossing my head. The sensations were excruciating.

His excitement was mounting and he was swelling in me. "Wrong answer." He leaned back. Withdrawing from me but not easing his brutal entering and sliding out then surging again. Thrusting determinedly. Single-mindedly pursuing gratification in my body.

He won't tell me his name if I don't.

With his name I may be able to order him gone from me.

Desperation drove me to cry out words I truly didn't want to say. Lies.

"I want this. I want you!"

"Yes, you do." He grunted. Straining to get deeper. To claim me.

To utterly possess me.

"I need this." I wailed on a prolonged sob. Fighting the waves of pain.

He was ruthless in his pursuit of his pleasure. Like he couldn't plant deep enough into me. "I'm going to fill your womb. Tell me you love me."

Sobbing and biting my lower lip. I gritted my teeth.

He kept going. On and on. Prepared to spend all night seeking his pleasure stroking me. Relentlessly abusing my core. Chaffing my inner walls with his hardness. Bruising my lower lips. Smashing them with his body and bruising the back of my thighs with his hip bones as he sunk into me like a serpent driving home.

Every part of me ached.

"I love you." I whined.

"Yes. And you love this." He whispered next to my ear. His shoulders and arms flexing as he ground into me. His back working as he burrowed his cock deep against my womb. "Say it."

"I love this. You in me."

"Tell me I own your flesh."

"You own my flesh. My body is yours."

"Yes." He growled. Arching back and jutting forward. His hot seed pulsing into me as he'd said it would. He continued short strokes to milk his cock of every drop of the fluid.

My inner walls sucking on his part to suction every bit of it.

"You may not want it." He moaned. "But your body is well-suited for taking it."

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