The Ravening

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I've Done Him Well

"You did well." He praised in his low vibrating voice.

Still planted in me, he groaned and unfolded my legs to drop along his thighs and knees. "How much did you mean?"

"None of it!" I spat.

"Hmm." He dropped to rest along the side of my chest. Putting an elbow near my shoulder on that side to rest his cheek on his hand. Gold eyes searing into me. "Are you so sure about that?"

"Who could love you?"

"A very interesting question indeed...She'd certainly have to be a twisted soul."

"No woman could ever love you!" I cried acidly. Trying to toss off his weight.

He chuckled and dropped more heavily on me. Making him swell inside me. "Careful." He warned. "All your venom just arouses me."

"How can you be so cruel?"

"Sometimes utter cruelty is utter honesty. I make no bones about who I am or what I want."

"But you only take!"

"I do." He admitted. "I'm a demon after all. Would you have me ask?"


"And when you said no? Or begged me to stop?" He asked. Lifting an intrigued brow.

"Then you'd have sympathy."

"I have none."

"Then pretend!"

"I pretend nothing. I seek only pleasure. And when you stop fighting I'll offer it to you in return."

"I'll never stop."

I'll fight you forever.

He got up on his hands again and I felt him stretching me already. Without him yet moving.

But he's going to.

"That's fine." He said flatly "Struggling incites me too." He thrust once to show me how hard he was. "See?"

"You're the most vile creature in existence!"

He leaned over me to whisper into my ear. "Then why do you get so wet when I'm near. I can smell you across the room. Why do your nipples harden like this when I'm in you." He thumbed one to make his point. "Why do you shudder around my cock."

Despite myself, my gut tightened at his words. I don't!

I don't think...

He leaned up with a dark smile. Eyebrows lifting invitingly.

I clenched around him reflexively.

"Yes..." He said. "You did."

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