The Ravening

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Give Me Your Name

When he began moving in me again. Grunting in pleasure with each stroke, I began kicking. Reaching up to scratch his chest.

He moaned and slammed deep and I instantly saw that, for whatever reason, scratching him pleased him.

I clenched my fists and hammered his chest and arms with them.

He leaned up enough to turn his head and keep it from reach. Grinning at my efforts to dislodge him. To show him my malcontent.

His rhythm never pausing as he took his pleasure from my body.

"You told me, you'd tell me your name." I said acidly.

"I did. But using it now would be unwise." He said dully. Curving his back to offer me long strokes. Slipping in and out methodically.

"Tell me!"



Grunting in objection he put a hard palm over my mouth. Leaning on me to put his face into my neck. Burrowing his body deeper into me with every move. Swelling larger and longer. His moaning getting more guttural.


"You'll not say it. Not when I'm trying to be sympathetic." His buttocks flexed as he worked into me.

The ache in me increased as the friction bloomed.

"You feel so good. Sucking on me like a warm mouth. I'll never get enough of this. Never." He said into the side of my neck.

I screeched behind his hand.

So he leaned up to drop weight on his palm. Smashing my lips into my teeth and keeping any words from escaping. And he thrust faster and harder. Gold eyes staring back into my deep brown ones as he took his satiation from me.

His other hand touched my side, sliding up my ribs to cup my breast. Massaging it in a way that was nearly pleasurable. He was being almost...


Because he doesn't want me to say his name.

He must know that I can send him away with it! Hope surged through me at the realization that he wasn't letting me say it because of the effect it would have on him.

Suddenly I could stop thinking about the pain. Thinking about what he was doing inside me and that he would eventually fill me with his hot seed again. Possibly turn me over and do it again.

He couldn't keep me from speaking. Not forever.

And I only need to say one word.

"I wouldn't." He pumped. "Do." He moaned. "That."

Of course, he wouldn't. He wants to be here. Tormenting me.

"Yes, I do." He grunted. "Over and over. In and out. Again and again until your body can take no more. And there's no saying I'll stop then." He sounded so satisfied saying it.

Then he lurched up and pushed deep. Shouting as he came. His hard member stiffening to a piece of iron stabbing through me. Heat filled deep under my belly as his hot seed poured into me.

How much could my body hold?

"You'll wash it out soon. And then I can start again." He sounded amused.

I hated that he knew my thoughts.

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