The Ravening

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A Lonely Existence

You don't understand what will happen if you say my name. Don't do it.

"Isn't that what I should expect a demon to say?"

Zira... His voice in my head was chiding. You won't like the result.

"And I should trust you now, should I?"

Yes... He purred from within my mind. You said you loved me.

I rounded to shout in accusation. "I said it because you made me! That's the only reason."

I returned to my path. Stomping angrily.

But I didn't, Zira. I did nothing to force it from you. You gave yourself to me. He said in that low velvety voice. Moaning in his aroused way in my mind. The sound that always accompanied his hard shaft.

It was somewhat gratifying to realize he was hard right now but could do nothing about it as long as I was fully alert.

That's rather cruel, Zira. Heartless...

"You're heartless!"

Am I? Then how am I coming to care for you.

"You only care for your satisfaction!"

I was stomping around trees. Feet finding my way. I intended to get to market. My skirt was heavy with coin now.

He is paying me for every time he takes me.

I'm not paying you. He objected. I'm tending you. I can't have the vessel of such great pleasures starve, now can I?

"What if I do?" I rounded. My eyes brightening. "What if I do? What if I refuse to eat ever again rather then continue as your plaything for my entire existence?"

I wouldn't recommend it.

"Of course, you wouldn't!"

I wouldn't let you starve.

"You can't force me to do anything but accept your body into mine." I'd learned that much, at least.

Yes. And I can inject enough sustenance into you, to keep you healthy.

I frowned as I considered what he was saying. "How..."

In your mouth. He said flatly.

He's telling me he could keep me sustained by the consuming his seed? The thought was horrifying. I couldn't imagine how many times he'd have to overtake my face to manage that.

Every time. He answered.

"Get out of my head!" I pushed on my temples.

Let me in the rest of you.

"Why do you torment me when you're not having your pleasures with my flesh? Why bother?" I was furious.

Because I'm lonely. He admitted. I've been lonely a long time, Zira.

"You've tortured others, I know you have. You've never been alone!"

He clucked in his cheek. Zira...Even I know there's a far cry between pleasures of the flesh and true companionship.

"I am not your companion! I never will be."

We'll see about that. He said derisively.

After a moment he added aloud. "Don't say my name, Zira. You won't like the result. I've never lied to you."

He thinks I won't like being without him. I knew his arrogance knew no limits. I'd never met such a self satisfied creature.

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