The Ravening

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Calling Out Vandiel

The hour was drawing late and I had a decision to make.

I was tired. More tired then I could ever remember being.

Go to sleep. He urged. Let me have my way with you.

I could hear the pleased smile in his voice.

"You're deplorable."

In the most absolute way. He conceded.

"Leave me alone."

Take your clothes off, open your pretty thighs, let yourself moisten at the sound of my voice. Offer yourself to me. I'll give you pleasure. I can promise it.

"I'm going to say your name." I lay back on the leaves. Fully dressed and with my cloak. An eager light in my eyes as I came to the decision. Despite his warnings.


"I'm going to."

Zira. Be sensible. Don't think with your anger. I'm a demon. Everything I do has purpose. I'd not have given you my name if any good would come of it for you.

"But I think you would've. I was persuasive. I gave you everything you wanted."

You deceive yourself. I taught you how to give yourself what you wanted. How to surrender yourself to the pleasure and let it consume you.

"No. It was what you wanted." I argued. Expression hard in the dancing firelight of my campfire. The flames rising and falling.

I knew he was always nearby as far as invading my mind. But I could feel his presence now like an encroaching storm. Hiding just beyond the shadows, waiting like the predator he was to attack at the moment I was too weak to resist.

As he always does...

It wasn't what I wanted. He returned to the previous subject.

"No?" I challenged. Looking up at a beautiful starry sky. "Then what would you want?"

Your absolute surrender. Turning your body over to me in absolute trust. I could set you free and in turn, you'd free me. I could reside in your body with your willingness for an eternity. You'd never find a man more faithful.

I lurched up on my elbow. The very concept was utterly astonishing. "You lie! You're insane."

I never lie. I've told you nothing but truths.

"Well, take this truth, Van-"

He materialized from beyond the fire. His face forming and then his hand as it made contact with my face. Covering my mouth as I saw the haze of him crouched before me.

"Last warning, Zira." He lifted his hands in surrender and backed up. Rounding the fire without looking and fading back into the night.

I stared at the light of the fire. Somehow worried that I should believe him. But knowing him well enough to assume that he was implying I'd be lost after I sent him away.

I'll be fine.

"Vandiel..." I whispered into the night.

He materialized next to the fire, near me. His whole body visible. Shrouded in dark shining skin. He walked quickly predatorially toward me. All previous coercing and slow caresses gone.

This creature was something else...

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