The Ravening

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A Creature of Fury

He leapt on me before I could move. His hands were taloned this time and he ripped my clothes off me. Shredding pieces of my skirt.

I shrieked at the raw brutality. Far worse then the creature I'd ever known.

Once I was naked. My skin shining in the firelight. He viciously bound my wrists.

How? He could never use other objects before. Only adjust my clothes.

I was shouting in objection.

When he finally did look straight at me, he hadn't since he'd descended on me, his eyes were hard rubies.

He lifted me by my bound wrists. The cloth pinching them and biting into my skin.

I kicked and struggled. Hitting substance this time. But when my leg made contact, he caught it. His grip biting ferociously into my tender skin as he fisted it. Lips hard and face wrenched in wrath.

He carried me to the nearest tree and hung the cloth between my wrists over the stump of a broken off limb.

I kicked my feet but I was inches off the ground. And when he stood over me, he still towered over me.

He looked at me naked and struggling. He retrieved more fabric from my clothes and without a word jammed it over my tongue and behind my teeth.

It pulled all moisture from my mouth. Stealing all sound my throat could eject.

He folded my legs over his forearms and forced them up and wide apart.

Ouch! There was no talking as there always was. This was far more terrifying. This creature was pure, unadulterated fury. He wanted to hurt me.

And he's going to. I realized. Eyes huge in terror.

He entered me. Tearing into me like a hot iron. Slamming my bare back against the bark. It cut me in several places as he pinned my buttocks to the trunk and hammered into me.

Grunting and watching my face.

Hoping for pain.

His lips twisted in a violent sneer when he saw it. He huffed. Pulsing harder into me.

Please let it end. I felt like I was dying. My hips hurt from how he gripped my legs. My back torn from the rough scraping of the bark. My entrance abused by his ruthless pounding. He pushed my walls apart and probed my furthest entrance. Penetrating deeper then anything before had. His arousal swelling to an impossible size at the signs of my anguish.

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