The Ravening

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Damage Wreaked

I tried to writhe away but with my legs so far open I had trouble getting leverage. And hanging from the branch, all my weight was dropped down on his stem. I was unable to escape the burning pain.

Finally leveraging both thighs at the same time I forced my back up. Cutting it against the tree to rise from his reach.

Growling in frustration he dropped my legs and continued his determined thumping into me. Fisting my breasts brutally. Using his chin to force my head to the side he sunk his teeth into the soft column of my neck to hold me still.

As I'd seen dogs do to mate.

That's what this is. I realized. It's the real demon mating me. Rather then the mere man seeking his pleasure.

The thought was terrifying.

He curved his hips up to delve straighter into me. Stabbing at my core. Over and over again. In and out.

It's never going to end.

But just then, he tipped his head back. Much as the creature I’d know before had when he was attaining his pleasure.

But I feared this thing spilling seed in me far more than I had what’d come before him. This was brutal. Evil.

My heels scratched along the back of his calves and knees as I tried to find a foothold to climb off him again.

But the way he had me pinned it did very little good.

He simply slid his hands down to scoop my buttocks and hold me in place for his vicious ministrations. His teeth still held me immobile.

He strained in as far as he could stretch. Peeling open the entrance to my womb to fill me with his hot fluids. I struggled and fought but he only laughed joyously. Stepping back and letting me drop back to dangle from my wrists limply.

Glad he was finished with me.

He laughed two rough howls before dragging the cloth holding my wrist from the limb.

I was thankful to be down. But it was short lived.

Catching my shoulders he spun me around to look at the tree.

Knowing he wanted more, I jerked from his grip and tried to run but he shoved me down on my belly. Stepping on the cloth binding my wrists he caught my hips and hauled me up. Keeping me bent over so far my face was nearly between my knees. Then he wrapped thick arms around my back and thighs to keep me folded in half.

He moved his foot off the binding and walked to the tree. Roughly depositing me near it. Then shoving my shoulders against it so I was pinned with my back flat to the tree. Keeping my head by my ankles. I was pinned to the tree again.

I can't stand up.

No! I flailed but the most I could do was toss my arms near my knees. Trying to scratch his shins as I saw him positioning behind me in this vulnerable position.

I whimpered helplessly.

He used his thumbs to peel open my entrance and shuddering in excitement he slid his throbbing member along my slit once, twice. Three times.

Then he slammed into me. Every bit as violently as the first time but I was angled so horribly that his feet stood inside mine, bracing me apart. And he leaned forward with his palms against the trunk.

Leaning at a slant with his cock angled down into me as he banged into me. Huffing excitedly at how deep he went. Pinching my body between his legs and the trees so I couldn't struggle.

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