The Ravening

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Battered and Broken

I did the only thing I could, I reached around my legs to scratch his calves.

He groaned in pleasure and curved his hips more forcefully. Swelling larger.

It’s only increasing his arousal.

This was a nightmare of pain, torment and torture. He was tearing me.

He’s shredding me.

He’s going to break me in half! I whimpered and cried out. Striking him and fighting helplessly while he stole his pleasure in the cushion of my heat. Spilling seed in a hard thrust and then two more where he burrowed his lengthy cock as far into me as it would go.

Making me scream in horror. But the fabric compressed in my mouth made it only a pitiful panting.

When he'd finished with me that way, he'd stepped back to survey his work.

I'd fell to my knees. Cradling my bruised belly and moving slowly to appease the burning pulses deep in me.

I'm hurt.

Vandiel as I'd know him before had never been so blatantly brutal. He'd always talked to me. Taunted me perhaps, but he'd treated me like something alive. To this creature I was merely a piece of pleasure for him to consume.

I tried to crawl away on weak legs but he caught my ankles and yanked my knees out from under me. Making me drop to my belly. Twigs stabbing my breasts.

He twisted my legs and forced me to roll onto my back.


He said nothing. Mounting me once more. He used the bones of his hips to pierce into my thighs forcing them apart as I tried to keep them cinched closed.

Moaning I tossed my head.

He grabbed the binding on my wrists and held it above my head. His cock sinking into me again. Relentlessly in and out. Vicious in it's rhythm. His powerful hips flexing as he sunk into my.

I was too tired to fight now.

His other hand gripped my throat and he bit the other side of my neck. Sucking hard at my flesh as he pulsed in and out of me. In my panic and pain I must've passed out.

I woke up when he folded my legs up to push my knees down on either side of my head. Loosening the binding on my wrists enough to hook over the back of my calves.

A position I couldn't escape once he tightened the binding again.

I writhed, but all I could do was worm around.

He stood over me. Slowly stroking his hard length as he watched until he was fully erect again.

Then he dropped down and drove his shoulders into the back of my legs. Growling as he thrust into me and began his onslaught anew.

Puffing for air around the gag and unable to resist, I subsided into unconsciousness.

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