The Ravening

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A Gentling

I set a trap that afternoon and managed to catch a small rabbit. Triumphant as I skinned it with my little eating knife. I tried to build a fire but wasn't doing a good job.

Frustrated I grunted and fell back onto the leaves. The temperature was just right. And the leaves were soft under my back. And I was exhausted. I closed my eyes, for only a moment.

"I want you." His low rumbling voice made me shiver as I peeled an eye open.

He was crouched next to me. His forearms resting on his knees and hands casually linked as he stared down at me with a cocked head.

"You barely just left! How are you back already?" Irritation made my words bite.

No way I'd let him have me again.

"You don't understand, Zira. I will feel you again. I have to." He made a clenched gesture toward his chest. "It's this drive that controls me. I'm going to have to bury my cock in you."


"I'm not asking, Zira. I could throw you to your back and be in you in seconds. I'm telling you because I know what I did to you last night." He shook his head. "I can't imagine how you suffered. I haunt women, I enter them, I take from them but I don't purposely damage them."

"You do tremendous damage!" I argued.

"But at least I don't intend to." He said softly. "When you call out my demon. He wants devastation, trauma, and the more afraid you become the more he feasts on you."

I'd been terrified last night.

"I know." His face was etched with what could only be sympathy. He levelled his eyes on me as he said, "You'll have to take my body."


"You take me." His mouth tightened. "I'll do all I can to keep from hurting you if you sate us both. If you put me inside you, you work me between your thighs until we both rise and fall. Then I won't be hurting you. Then you can at least learn not to fear me like that."

"I do fear you!"

"Everyone does." He said derisively. "But not like what I saw on your face this morning."

"You'll see it again, if you don't leave me alone. I promise you!"

"Zira...Be rational. How many souls do you think I offered this deal to?"

Likely none. He takes our bodies.

"Exactly." He admitted matter-of-factly. "And I'm going to take yours if you don't take mine. Every moment your sitting here discussing it is making my monster bite harder, want deeper, more."

"How can I keep up with you?" I blurted anxiously.

"You can't. But try."

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