The Ravening

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Offer Yourself to Me

I worried my lip. Petrified of the concept and vividly recalling my indignity back in the tavern. All he’d made me say and do.

“I didn’t make you.” He pointed one finger at me from where they were linked. “You did it, if you recall.”

“In exchange for you name!” I sat up glaring at him vehemently.

His gold eyes watched me intently. My hair falling around my face and my eyes snapping with icy fury. “God, you’re beautiful. I need inside you.”

He caught my shoulders and began guiding me back to the forest floor. “Do this, Zira. Let it be your way. Or I’m going to tear your clothes and brutalize you.”

“What do I do?” I swallowed hard. Staring up at him fearfully.

“Take off your clothes.”


“Offer me your body, uninhibited.”

“You’re deplorable!”

“Far worse, actually.” He grunted. He rolled off me and stood with me. Frantically working the laces at the front of my dress.

My hands shook as I slipped it over my shoulders and let it fall to the leaves. The afternoon breeze chilling my skin. I crossed my arms over my breasts.

“No.” He pushed my arms away. Stepping closer to scoop their weight. Moaning as his thumbs rolled around the nipples. He tipped his hips forward and was already thrusting toward me. “Take my cock.”

I grasped it, kneading it in my fists.

“Good, woman. Take me in your mouth.”

I looked up at him and his face was unreadable. Gold eyes unblinking. Wide with interest. I had to bend his hard rod down to reach my mouth, when I knelt before him. I pushed it against my lips and felt how hard he was. Like made of iron instead of skin.

“I want you badly.” He dismissed. He caught my cheeks and tipped my head enough I was looking up at him. “Open your pretty mouth.”

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