The Ravening

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Taking My Mouth

I complied.

And he roughly slammed into my mouth. Stretching my throat as he hit the back and slid down. He tossed his head back and moaned. Gripping my cheeks as he flexed into my mouth. Pumping hard and slamming deep.

This isn’t me controlling the joining.

“I can’t!” He gave a long groan. “I have to sate this. I haven’t had you in hours.”

He was wildly fucking my face. Holding it in place to enter and slide out. Pounding against my chin as he moaned. Then he pushed deep in my throat.

For a moment I panicked wondering if I’d get to breathe again. But then I felt him draining the hot fluid down my throat. His buttocks vibrating as the muscle flexed so hard.

He groaned in relief and slipped out of my mouth. He caught around my waist and stood me up. Walking me backward until my back hit a tree.

I hopped forward at the rough contact. Immediately remembering last night.

“It won’t be like that.” He reassured. “No ropes.”

I wasn’t sure that was comforting. There’d been alot more than the bindings that’d made it unbearable.

He lightly pushed me back into the tree again. Putting his palms to the tree on each side of my head. Pinning me, so he could straddle me where the tree leaned out.

I was angled with my feet between his legs. Bringing his groin tighter to my pelvis. Fitting him to me.

He kneaded my breasts more desperately as he began lightly thrusting against me. “Put me inside you. Then grab my buttocks so you can use my cock to pleasure you. At your pace.”


This was so different from how he’d been before.

I looked at the hard throbbing thing between us and had flashes of the night before. The raw brutality and the searing pain I’d felt as he consumed me. Taking me as though I were some plaything for him to break.

“Not today. Breathe, Zira. Your pace. But quickly. Please.” He groaned. His body was iron tight. Every muscle flexed as though he were in anguish.

I gripped him in shaking hands and lifted him toward my opening. Moving him around to find it made him moan and thrust against me. Wrenching him from my grip to slide along my slit. I could see his control was waning with every second so I pushed the tip of him into me. Feeling my lips part to suck him in. And my body stretching to grip him.

“Yes, there.” He moaned. “Do you have any idea how hard it is not to pound into you!”

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