The Ravening

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Having My Way with Him

He slapped the tree next to my head and made me tighten and jump. He gasped. “Please, Zira.” He panted. “Do something. Move!”

I was shocked by the raw pain on his face. I did as he told me, and reached around to grip his buttocks and pulled him toward me. Inserting him to the hilt in my warm sheath.

He tossed his head back, throat sweating as he groaned in relief.

I lightened my grip and slid my hands back.

He followed my touch to retreat out of me.

Then I pulled him in again. Yanking him in hard.

“Ah, Zira!” He shouted in pleasure.

I continued the motion. Shocked by the sheer power I had over him as I let him in and out of me. Controlling how fast he could move. My pleasure was building. Winding like a serpent through my core. Without thinking, I hooked one heel over the back of his calf so I could offer him more. Pulling his buttocks to make him enter me again. Until he probed my womb.

I winced. Gasping at the sharp pain. And loosening my grip to guide him back out.

With my foot hooked around him I discovered something new. I tried releasing my grip on his solid flesh and leveraged my arms on the tree to tip my hips toward him. Sliding down his shaft and watching as he immediately reacted.

Then I slid back and almost abandoned him entirely.

Growling, he caught my hips. Giving me a dark look. His fingers bit into my skin but he didn’t bury in me as he would’ve before. His hands trembled as he worked to let me mount him. Slipping up and down his length and pumping against him. I felt my body chill then surge with heat and new I soaked his staff with my hot fluids. I spasmed. Gripping him tight as my ass flexed stroking him violently.

Finally he could take no more and scooped my buttocks so far that his fingers probed my slit. He entered me a bit roughly and remorse flickered over his face.

“It’s okay.” I reassured. Seeing how hard he was trying. “Take it, Van.”

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