The Ravening

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Take Me, Van

And he lost control. Pulsing into me and twisting his hips to feel me completely surrounding him.

To my surprise, I began another series of convulsions and he matched the pace of my clenching. Pushing in and out of me as fast as I spasmed inside. My back arched and my neck arched as I climaxed again. My breasts bobbing as he thrust into me.

His eyes were intense on my face and his lips parted as he panted softly. Stroking inside me. Then he planted hard and I felt him jerking. Then easing then jerking again.

I tried stroking on and off him while he did this and he had to let go of my hips to slap his hands to the tree again. His fingers ripping bark loose as he clawed ferociously into them as his pleasure gripped him.

He slid out of me and let me land on my feet. “Well done, Zira!” He shook his head baffled. “You nearly killed me with that one.”

Before I could respond he flipped me around. Pulling me against him so one hand could massage my entrance. The other one lifting and rubbing my breast.

He lightly bit my shoulder and my head fell back against his as I relaxed in pleasure. He lifted his head. “What’s happening, Zira.”

“It feels so amazing.”

“It can. When you surrender to it. To me.”

“Is that what I’m doing?”

He was pensive a moment. “No. In truth, I think perhaps it is I surrendering to you.”

He caught my hip in one hand and shoved my back down with the other.

For one horrifying moment I feared this would be like last night. But he didn’t bend me in half. Just tipped me forward so I put my hands and cheek on the tree to balance me.

My ass sticking out as an offering for him.

He gripped and fondled it. Rubbing my crack with his cock as he moaned. Then he lined up the tip with my entrance. Stopping there. “Press back onto it, Zira.”

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