The Ravening

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Learning to Control Him

It took me a moment to process what he said. Then I obeyed. Spreading my feet further and lurching my hips back to absorb him in my crevice.

He yelped at the sudden sensation.

Intrigued, I tried flexing the muscles within me around him and was rewarded by him falling forward against my back and bucking into me. Immediately I felt a hot surge and knew he’d instantly spilled seed.

“Van?” I asked. Still tense inside with him embedded there. I shifted against him. Ashamed to admit to myself I wasn’t done yet. I didn’t want him to stop.

“I’m sorry.” He cleared his throat. “That was new for me.”

He straightened and began anew. Raking his fingertips down my back made me arch up. He caught my breasts and thrust into me. Working his hips to massage my inner walls. He caressed my hair down his back. working his fingertips through as he pumped.

“You feel like satin wrapped around me.”

He was using my breasts to pull me toward him to meet his thrusts. Finally he paused. “What do you want?”

I pushed off the tree, wiggling my hips.

He growled. Cupping my buttocks to press them together along his staff. “Harder!”

I shoved back and took him in as deep as I could stand. Rocking back and forth against him.

He moaned, matching me stroke for stroke. He commanded. “More!”

I took him like a wanton. Working him into my body and moaning wildly.

He hammered into me. Clutching my breasts and tweaking my nipples made me arch forward at a different angle.

“Yes, there.”

I accommodated him, stroking in that rhythm, curling my hips to give a long pleasurable sensation. Finally I shuddered. My body vibrating with white-hot pulses that poured through me. Making my nipples jut and my hips jerk. My thighs shivered.

“Oh, feels so good. I want to ravish you from head to toe, Zira.”

He caught me by the waist and flipped me over onto my back. Staring down at me hungrily. “Not hungry. Ravening.”

“Please, Van.”

He dropped down over me, snarling in his throat. “I can’t control it any more.” He cupped the back of my thighs and lifted them to wrap my legs around him as he entered me.

Pounding wildly.

I gasped fearfully but realized. I was stretched with arousal, slickened with my climax and despite his passionate wildness, there was only faint pleasure and it hurt only vaguely.

I watched him savoring his pleasure. His dark shining body glittering with sweat. Muscles working as he probed in and out of me. Staff quivering with eagerness to rise to its conclusion.

Grunting with his head thrown back, he strained to attain the deepest penetration. Pressing at the opening to my center and growling viciously as he spilled seed. Filling me with his warmth as he came.

His beautiful body tightening. Pleasure coursing through him. The vision of him shouting, the cords in his throat straining as every part of him rooted inside me was haunting.

Secretly making me dampen at the memory. Realizing how my body had given him pleasure.

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