The Ravening

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He lifted my skirts and held them up near my waist. Giving me a patient look.

“Oh!” I caught on. Catching up the handful of folds and holding it around my hips. I watched him questioningly.

He gave me a hungry stare as he scooped the back of one of my knees and guided it up over his shoulder. Crouched as he was, he was nearly receiving a face full of my sex as it was. He grinned as he turned his face to the inside of my knee.

And I groaned. Chastising myself for always forgetting how clearly, he heard my thoughts.

“Don’t stop.” He murmured against the inside of my leg. “I like knowing what you’re thinking. I like feeling your trepidation with you.”

“Well, that’s good to know.” I said a bit sarcastically. Trying to focus on snide comments rather then on the heat of his lips slipping along the inside of my creamy thigh. Trailing slow, damp kisses further up the most sensitive part of my leg.

My other leg shook slightly, and I dropped my head back and looked up at the trees. Feeling like watching what he was doing to me was far too erotic.

Too intimate.

He nibbled slightly then sunk his square teeth into my leg a bit viciously.

Making me squeak and look at him.

“There. That’s better.” He rumbled. Giving me a sour glance for having looked away.

He wants me to watch what he does to me? I guess it shouldn’t have really surprised me.

He always has before. Chewing my lip, I forced myself to watch as he drew closer to my center.

He pushed my skirts further up over my pelvis, so it was stacked around my belly button. Revealing the nest of coarse curling hair which protected my most vulnerable place. He brushed his nose along it and into my folds.

I hissed through my teeth at the startling sensation. Far more tender than it had been that first morning when he’d delved his forked tongue into me and ravished me inside.

This was something else. He delivered light kisses along those lower lips before slipping a tongue within. Much the same as he’d kissed my mouth on previous occasions. He suckled one lip and the sensation was so unique that I gasped in shock. Feeling as though I were letting him do something truly sinful to me.

Weakening my body.

Then he pushed his nose more firmly against me and rolled his chin up into my crease. Lathing his tongue out to find a tiny nub just above my lips.

It was so sensitive it felt as though he’d just branded me. Put a scalding iron to my flesh. Though this wasn’t pain I was enduring.

The fleshen globes of my buttocks shivered and my leg shook beneath me. The one draped over his shoulder shaking equally.

And I realized I was going to collapse.

He pushed his tongue more firmly against me and mercilessly licked the tiny button that was turning my body to molten lava.

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