The Ravening

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Beauty Unfolding

I gave a long, drawn-out moan and found my back arching so far I nearly bent in half backward. My body acting with a volition of its own in reaction to the immense pleasure ripping through me.

His hand, which had been scooping my buttocks slid up between my legs to support my back. His chin still working my slit was nearly propped on his own shoulder.

He adjusted his feet and knees in a smooth motion. Sliding sideways and pivoting me in a semi-circle as he turned sideways, angling my body so I rotated on my one heel and guiding me down to the moss and leaf-coated forest floor.

My other leg still draped over his shoulder as his face was burrowed in the crux of my thighs. Pleasuring my woman’s core.

He somehow managed to do all of this, without missing a moment of what he was doing. Without separating his mouth from where he suckled my inner lips. Dragging his tongue along the edge of each inner lip until I was panting with pleasure.

With earth leveraged under my back, he used it to his advantage and kept the leg lifted over his shoulder tight to him as he rose higher on his knees. Pushing a palm to the back of my thigh to keep it up as he dragged his roughened tongue from the tiny nub all down my crease in long precise strokes.

My hands clutched desperate fistfuls of dried leaves and dirt as I fought to cling to some bit of reality instead of letting my body explode from all the sensations I was experiencing.

I was suddenly icy cold. My skin covered in goosebumps before I super-heated like a fire began where he licked me and surged through every limb of my body.

Making me shudder in pleasure before he began to swirl his tongue around my entrance.

“Eh, ahh.” I felt like a hot iron was being put to me. My weight balanced on my ass and the back of my head as my whole body tried to fold into an accordion. So tightened with the pleasurable quakings, which were tickling through me.

“Your body feels like it’s on fire.” He murmured. Leaning up over me so he could peer down at me through those dark eyes flecked with tiny gold stars. He balanced on a hand near my hip and the other he slid from beneath my back to balance between my thighs. His wrist rubbing where his mouth had just been every time I tried to relax and flatten my body.

I hissed through my teeth and drew myself away from the pressure that seemed to increase the dizzying sensations twining through me.

He gave a half smile, his eyes growing hooded as he watched me.

“What are you looking at.”

“Watching beauty unfold.”

I frowned at him. Brows lowering. What the devil does that mean?

“Come.” He hoisted me up with a grip on my forearm.

Clearly feeling more confident in my balance then I did. My legs nearly gave, and I had to adjust over them unsteadily.

“Are you crazy?” I whispered in a hushed voice as he led me further from the fire. “It’s so dark! The fey!”

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